Movie Leader/Human Alliance Lot and 3A Ashley Wood WWR for sale

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    Up for Sale

    Movie Leader and Human Alliance Lot all are mint and complete unless otherwise noted


    Leader Jetfire: Missing Missile
    Leader Starscream
    Human Alliance Skids
    Human Alliance Sideswipe
    Human Alliance Jazz
    Movie Brawn (Possibly complete...not sure what he came with)
    Recon Ironhide (No Guns)

    $175 shipped to the USA or Canada. Please keep in mind it's going to be a big box.

    I'm not looking to split up the lot at this point. Looking to sell everything in one swoop. Please don't email me and ask sell something individually, I will not respond.

    Ashley Wood 3A World War Robots


    Phobos Defence RPG Bramble Mk 2 - $75 shipped
    Africa Defence Armstrong 1G -$75 shipped.

    Take both of them for $125 shipped.

    Any questions feel free to ask.

    Feedback available in Signature.

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