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    Beware: Long lecture for story behind this digibash!

    My last digibash was Arcee for my own AU Movieverse turned out pretty good, so... why not try my hand at my own version of Movie Elita-One. I have my own headcanon to go along with her reason for being in the Movieverse instead of the ROTF Elita.

    Pretty much saying, she, along with Chromia, are clones of the original legendary warriors that were pretty much psychic or spark-linked to the original Arcee, who was captured by Flatline and experimented on via hive-mind technology. (i.e Tales of the Fallen: Arcee).

    Both the original Arcee and Elita perished in Egypt while the clone of Chromia (heartbroken by the loss and not being able to cope with losing her sisters) departed on a soul-searching journey that... does not end well for her.

    The original legendary warrior - Elita-One - arrives on Earth in an upcoming short fanfic of mine that takes part in my Earthspark'verse. Chromia arrives shortly afterwards. The Arcee in my fanfic pretty much is named after the original Arcee who died in Egypt.

    This Elita-One pretty much transforms into a rose red Ford F650 Supertruck. The reason why I chose that vehicle is because it would put her a head shorter than her counterpart - Optimus Prime - and make her tall enough to be a formidable femme warrior on the battlefield.

    Hope you like my work!


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    Nice digibashing skills.

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