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    This question may be more for people in the business:

    Okay, we both know the G.I. Joe Footlocker and Transformers Matrix of Leadership contain all the episodes except the movies. It's not as bad for Joe as the movie was the last in the series then followed by D.I.C.

    But the TF movies ties transitions up from season 2 to 3. Somewhat kind of sad for newbie generations of TF fans.

    For those that may know the business, was there something about the movies that made them unavailable for the complete sets? It seems someone at the Hiss Tank said it was contractual reasons why the G.I. Joe 25th anniv. DVD became a "Best of 80's" and was originally supposed to be the movie.

    Was it simply because the movies were just full length movies and not (possibly originally) broken up into 22 minute episodes?

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