2D Artwork: Movie-Constructicon maximus

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    ("It is years into the future after scorpinoks' defeat at the hands of fortress maximus. Galvatron is beside himself wondering how to conquer the wretched autobots. Meanwhile it is business as usual for the rest of the decepticons, especially among the racks of the combining teams. The constructicons once again feel as though they need to remind all the other combining teams how they are THE FIRST, THE ORIGINAL, THE BEST, and offcourse THE STRONGEST combiner team ever! Normally the other combiner teams simply ignore the constructicons, but today razerclaw reaches his breaking point! With a loud roar razerclaw summons the members of all the other combining teams. Almost instantly the stunicons form the unstable MENASOR. The seacons form the scourge of the deep, PIRANACON. Next the combaticons form the dominating BRUTICUS. The terrorcons form the uncontrollable ABOMINUS. Last but certainly not least the predacons form the supreme tyrant himself, PREDAKING! The construticons simply laugh and proceed to combine into DEVASTATOR! "Prepare for E-uurgh," and before devastator can finish his signature battle phrase he is pinned to the ground by piranacon and menasor. Then devastator is beaten and pounded into the ground repeatedly by abominus and bruticus. With devastator severely damaged it is predaking who puts his foot on devastators' neck. Devastator looks up at predaking and says "please predaking no, you are all my brothers." Predaking leans down closer to devastator and says "Prepare for your extermination!" Next predaking reaches into the chest of devastator and crushes his spark! By this time soundwave had alerted galvatron of the noise and the fight. Galvatron immediatly lashes out his frustration on all the combiner teams and wonders how he will ever replace devastator? It is soundwave who alerts galvatron, after seeing the wreakage, that devastator could possibly be rebuilt, but he will need lots of parts! Galvatron orders soundwave to supervise the reconstuction and rebuild devastator bigger, stronger, and meaner! He also orders all the other combining teams to assist soundwave and provide parts from their own bodys if needed! After the construction is completed galvatron looks up and says "now Optimus, try and stop me!" Galvatron soon unleashes his new bigger, stronger, meaner Devastator. Optimus prime soon realizes that none of hie autobots are a match for this reborn devastator. As optimus retreats he says to himself "we have to find a way get on the right TRACKS to defeat devastator! To be continued....!") qouted from Destructicon 1.

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