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    Just seen the movie for the first time and thought it was pretty good - but could have been a lot better. I know i'm probably repeating what has been said already but my major gripes are:

    * Not much character development for Jazz. Considering that Jazz was an important - larger than life character in G1 - his role in the move was rather underplayed.
    * We saw very little of Starscream - or the other decepticons actually - they just seemed to be on screen cannon fodder
    * Didnt get any real sense of the Starscream/Megatron friction
    * Decepticons could have done with more character development
    * Didnt see the point of scorponok at all - there were much more worthy characters that could have made it into the film. The time spent on skorponok could have been better spent on decepticon character development.
    * Thought frenzy was ok - but acted too much like a gremlin
    * Autobot reaction to Jazz at the end was very cold and unemotional
    * Thought the allspark - chest thing was a bit of a copout (although this could potentially leave the story open for the sequel)
    * Thought the new allspark created transformers were pretty pointless - but again, could be a set up for the prequel. There was no indication of what happened to them either. You saw them come to life - transform and start shooting (at who?) and that was it - no more mention/screen time
    * The action sequences were too closely shot and fast - very difficult to see what was going on. The film seemed to switch between very fast blurry action and ultra slow-mo - I dont think the balance was right
    * The "computer analyst" scenes were pretty pointless

    Also - having read the prequel comics and novel - there are some discrepencies - is the novel considered canon?

    In the novel - the date for moving megs to the hoover dam is given as concurent with the apollo 11 moon mission - but the comic and movie both give the date in the 1930s. Also the autobots dont seem very familiar with humans and cite "the internet" as the way they learnt the human language (english). However from the novel - they already have prior contact with humans.

    I think the prequel comics are pretty good and sets up the movie quite nicely - but the novel just seems to be standing out on its own with very little tie in.

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