Non-TF: MOTUC Filmation Hordak Custom

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    Made from a MAA buck left over from my Filmation MAA custom, which used a custom detailed Palace Guard
    buck to achieve the look, leaving the Classics MAA buck for parts. I made a new armband for his right arm, and
    custom sculpted the Classics Hordak head into the new Filmation version, also, obviously using the armor, cowl &
    boots from Hordak as well. Cutting the cape from the cowl allowed me to use the softer plastic for my sculpting
    purposes giving the head that feel as if it was originally sculpted that way, as well as being flexible enough for
    the armband, and to repair the cowl after removing the cape.

    The paint is actually a more bluish green than the pics show, there was no flash, but still the lighting made him
    turn out more blue.

    I also made a custom piece that slides over the forearm, and allows for the attachments to pop into the wrist peg
    hole, giving the appearance of a semi accurate cannon and claw to attach. The cannon used to be the Trap Jaw
    Axe from the Weapon Pack, but I cut the ave off, and drilled out a hole to make it a cannon tip. Also the claw is
    the Trap Jaw colored Roboto Claw from the same Weapon Pack, just painted back to silver.

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    Very cool!

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