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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Optimal Optimus Prime, Apr 25, 2010.

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    I have the following for trade or sale. If you want to buy instead of a trade please let me know what you are willing to offer. The Want list will follow the Have list. All figures are loose/complete unless specified.

    DCUC Solomon Grundy BAF
    DCUC Atom Smasher BAF
    DCUC Kalibak BAF
    Sinestro Corps Variant
    DCSH Two-Face no-gun
    MOTUC Faker
    MOTUC Mer-Man
    MOTUC Stratos
    MOTUC Hordak
    MOTUC He-Man MOC
    DCUC Firestorm
    DCUC Firestorm Variant
    DCSH Steel
    DCUC Brainiac
    DCUC Ares
    DCSH Darkseid Dark Blue
    DCUC Booster Gold
    DCUC Cyborg
    DCUC Amazo
    DCUC Kid Flash
    DCUC Black Manta
    DCUC Big Barda
    DCUC Lex Luthor 5-pack
    DCUC Hawkman
    DCUC Black Adam
    DCUC Captain Atom Gold Variant

    DCU vs MOTUC He-man Vs. Superman
    DCUC vs MOTUC Skeletor vs. Lex
    Movie Masters Egon (can be loose w/Slimer complete)
    Movie Masters Ray (can be loose w/ghost complete)
    DCUC Darkseid BAF

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