MOTU Classics Skeletor for sale or trade.

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    New to the list:

    -Skeletor (MOTU Classics, MOC) $50 shipped, 1:1 for a loose Classics He-Man, or maybe something else on my list. PM me if interested.
    -Daredevil (Marvel Universe, MOC)
    -Silver Surfer ( MU, loose)
    -Ronin (MU, loose)

    -Resolute 5pk Duke
    -Greatest Battles SE backpack

    Everything is negotiable. At the bottom is a list of things I need. IF A DEAL IS NOT WORKED OUT BY THE 1ST DAY/3RD MESSAGE, WHATEVER ITEM(S) DISCUSSED IS STILL UP FOR GRABS. Thanks for looking.


    25th MOC (All Silver Logo. All C8-C9.75)
    -Stalker (w3, fixed crotch)
    -Destro (w4, ultra-shiny "embossed" card)
    -Roadblock (w4)
    -Scarlett (w4, ultra-shiny card)
    -Flash (w5)
    -Snake Eyes (w5, black) x2
    -Snow Job (w5)
    -Rock N' Roll (w6)
    -Duke (w7, jetpack, ultra-shiny "embossed" card)
    -Snake Eyes (w7, trench knives)
    -Wild Bill (w7, ultra-shiny card)

    Modern MOC (White Logos)
    -Cobra Commander (w8, element)
    -Python Officer (w8)
    -Snake Eyes (w8, arctic)
    -Barbeque (w9)
    -Snow Serpent (w9)
    -Firefly (w13, blue)

    LOOSE (all complete C9+, with FC unless otherwise noted)
    -Duke (DVD pk#5, helmet, stand, and FC only)
    -Destro (CP)
    -Cobra Commander (UBP) x3
    -"Best of the 80's" DVD

    GI Joe VS Cobra MOC
    -Gung Ho vs Destro (terrorist card)
    -Frostbite vs Neo-Viper (terrorist card)
    -Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow (terrorist card)
    -Snake Eyes (grn) vs Storm Shadow (gray)
    -Duke (tan) vs Cobra Commander (blk)
    -Snake Eyes (blk) vs Cobra Commander
    -Snake Eyes (gray) vs Cobra Commander
    -Scarlett (steel/grn) vs Storm Shadow (blk)

    Sigma 6 (8") MIB
    -Cobra Commander (Battlefield General, silver cape)
    -Zartan v1

    Sigma 6 (8") LOOSE
    -High Tech v1
    -Heavy Duty v1 & 2
    -Zartan v1
    -Desert Wolf (?)
    -Destro v1
    -Firefly v1
    -Duke v1 (tan)
    -Duke (jetpack)
    -Long Range (skull keychain)
    -Spirit v1
    -Snake Eyes v1
    -Snake Eyes (armored)
    -Grand Slam
    -Cobra Commander v1
    -Storm Shadow v1
    -Storm Shadow (w/ crossbow)
    -Snake Eyes' Ninja Hovercycle
    -Storm Shadow's Ninja Hovercycle
    ALL THE ABOVE Sigma 6 Figs- $100 shipped

    Sigma 6 Mission Scale (2 1/2") MIB
    -Atlas Mech x2

    MOTU 2002 MOC (all cards are C7.5, better, or otherwise noted)
    -Ram Man
    -Skeletor (rave)
    -Evil Lyn
    -Beast Man (bubble is slightly starting to lift from card)
    -Tri Klops
    -Trap Jaw
    -Mer Man
    -Mer Man (repaint, red eyes)
    -Two Bad
    -Panthor (MIB)
    -Twin Battle Ram Chariot w/ Skeletor (MIB, looks cool)
    -Mutant Slime Pit (MIB)

    LOOSE & Complete (All C9+)
    -Prince Adam
    -Ice Armor He-Man
    -Ice Armor Skeletor
    -Stratos (repaint)
    -Mer-Man (repaint)
    -Slime Mutant

    -Battle Hawk
    -War Whale
    -Attack Squid
    -Slime pit
    -He-Man w/Battle Cat (4", McD)
    -Skeletor w/Panthor (4", McD)
    -Beast-Man (4", McD)


    -Megatron (Animated, Voyager)
    -Bulkhead (Animated, Voyager)

    Indiana Jones MOC
    -Young Indy

    Triad Toys MIP
    -Otaku 2.0 Tan Body (black)
    -Otaku 2.0 Pale Body (asian)

    XBOX 360 Software (used)
    -HALO 3
    -C.o.D.4: Modern Warfare




    -Resolute CP's (loose or carded)
    -Vipers (Cobra '09 5pk)
    -Storm Shadow (Cobra '09 5pk)
    -Snake Eyes (Joe '09 5pk)
    -Stalker (W3, yellow)
    -Wraith (clear variant)
    -w12 (all except Ripper, MONMC)
    -SDCC Blue CC
    -Snake Eyes (W1, variant, blk Timber)
    -Torch (w13, MONMC)
    -GI Joe Jetpacks (any)
    -AWE Striker (25th, Target Exclusive, loose, DU)
    -VAMP (modern, loose, DU)
    -Greenshirts (from the TRU 5-pk, loose)*
    -CLAWs (25th, jetpacks)
    -Cobra Troopers (DVD Battles)*
    -Stalker (Modern "white logo", MONMC)
    -Croc Master crocodiles (w/ leashes)
    -MOBAT (UBP, decals unnapplied)

    ARAH/ Vintage- ANY vintage ARAH figures and vehicles, complete and/or in great condition will be considered if offered for trade.

    -Stalker v1 (in very good shape, no weapons/o-ring needed)
    -Scarlett v1 (in great shape, no weapons/o-ring needed, broken crotch is ok)
    -Snake Eyes v1 (in very good shape, no weapons/o-ring needed)
    -WHALE (complete, or close to it.)
    -USS Flagg (complete, or close to it.)
    -Space Shuttle DEFIANT (complete or close to it.)
    -Bio-Vipers (Mega Marines, loose or carded)
    -The rubber endoskeletons for vintage S.N.A.K.E. Armors
    -PAC Rats (all 3, loose and complete)
    -Cobra Troopers & Officers ('02 TRU Cobra Infantry, No Scar or black troopers)
    -VvV Sting Raiders (w/ or w/o Eels)
    -SkyStriker parts:
    canopy x1
    vertical stabilizers (tail fins) x3
    seats x5
    rear thrusters x2
    Pheonix missles (big ones) x8
    Sparrow missles (medium ones) x6
    Sidewinder missles (small ones) x7
    front landing gear x2
    front landing gear cover x3
    back landing gear x1
    back landing gear covers (left & right) x1
    small U-shaped landing gear covers x7
    landing gear spring x1
    -VAMP Mk2 missles x3
    -Cobra WOLF skipedo
    -Vintage GI Joe toys, products, & novelties in great shape.

    GI Joe 12"
    Wal-Mart Exclusive AT figs (especially the "GI Joe Adventurer" aka: Negro Adventurer)

    -Shadow Commander
    -City Commander Decal set (reprolabels)
    -Lio Convoy (Robot Masters)
    -Lio Convoy (black, RM)
    -MP Megatron Accessory Kit (unmodded)
    -MP Skywarp
    -MP Thundercracker
    -MP Grimlock
    -Battle Rollar (TFC EX-002)
    -Gears of War Upgrade Set
    -Ironhide (Henkei)
    -Ratchet (Henkei)
    -Dinobot (Henkei)
    -Alpha Trion (TFCC exclusive)

    Star Wars

    -Boba Fett jetpack flame stands
    -Star Wars figure stands that look like a "jungle floor".


    -MOTU Classics He-Man (x2) & Beastman
    -Almost anything from Triad Toys.
    -Sideshow Toys' 12" SE and CC figure stands.
    -12" Snake Eyes Sideshow exclusive (w/punch dagger)
    -Star Trek (Diamond Select Toys)
    Odo (DST DS9) x2
    Ezri Dax (DST DS9)
    "Nemesis" Geordi LaForge (DST TNG)
    Genral Martok (DST DS9)
    Nurse Ogawa (DST TNG)
    Ro Laren (DST TNG)
    Kira Nerys (DST TNG)
    -CLOD (Xyber 9, 1/18 & micro) x many
    -Halfback Tank (Xyber 9, 1/18 scale)
    -Rainbow Mika (SOTA SF, pink or blue)
    -12" Cobra Commander Sideshow exclusive (w/sword-cane)
    -Anderson "The Spider" Silva (Round 5 MMA) decals
    -any scale "action-like" diorama pieces (crates, barrels, folding chairs, etc.)
    -some Mattel DCU (pm me)

    * I will trade 1:1 MOC or loose Crimson Guards, Cobra Troopers, or any other loose figs (and some carded) on my list, for these. Any offers, PM

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