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    (couldn't find another post on this sooooo,,,)

    This show has really sold me with the last 2 episodes, but since nobody has started a thread on it yet I guess I should start with my impressions from the begining.

    I admit at first I was disapointed and thought the show was mis-promoted. All the ads were about the cars and I thought it would be some sort of techno-punk speedracer. Instead I was treated to a "shinier more colorful matrix-verse" (remember the Zion scenes in Revolutions and Reloded? Yeah, add a green 73 Charger to that) And don't even get me started on the unrealsitic driving dynamics.

    It took another 2-3 episodes for me to give up on trying to rationalize the tech and setting. (1. the cars, 2. the weapons, 3. the robots, 4. the massive city built ON TOP of 36% of the state of Michigan) and just fricking enjoy the fact that Mike can whip out a batton with 2 lazer chainsaws at the ends and plow though a crowd of morphic, anti gravity, robots. Why? BECAUSE IT JUST LOOKS FUCKING COOL!

    And then I started to actually enjoy the show. The show really is art over substance, but not in a bad way. It's like if all those concept cars we lust over were actually made. (runs on hydrogen and can fold into a briefcase at night? sure Mr. Jetson! Physics be damned)

    Now I do have one other complaint now that I've accepted the show for what it is, and that is it would be hilarious if Texas actually WAS some sort of master warrior/chuck norris type. Because as funny as it is when he has one of his ideas ("YA TEXAS!!!!") They had one episode when he had the chance to save the day and he really wasn't that good a fighter. (not that he didn't kick ass, but like I said, it would have been funny if he DID wade though legions like he claims he can)

    Okay so now that I've caught up:

    Going Dutch is really intresting storytelling because they flip the show to his perspective, not only from his narative but at one point we see his backstory in "Dutch-vison". We get his history and how he joined the burners in a montage of grafitti and cool music. (and more than a little aqua & magenta) very cool.

    That really sold me on this show.

    The other two episodes that got me that I want to mention are "The Duke of Detroit" and "ride of the Fantasy Vans".

    Okay as much as I'd like The Duke to be voiced by Kid Rock, it's really not baised on him as a character as much as by his look. But the Duke is freakin made of win every time he shows up because he's so unconventional.

    And he brings his own pyrotechnics at random intervals.

    And a bunch of LARPers (and they actually used the term "LARP"! Correctly even!) running around in 70's vans with dragons and wizzards on the side?

    Excuse me while I stop laughing my ass off.

    This show has it's own unique energy that makes it a great popcorn show. And you can tell the creative staff just throws things out there just because,,, (it's AWESOME! YAH TEXAS!!!!)
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    oh yeah, this is one of my favorite shows currently on tv. the art style kinda reminds me, in a way, of the old gorillaz music videos. and i like that. other than that, most of the characters are pretty well developed, with mike having formally been in kanes forces, the old dude, jacob i think, being kanes partner from the beginning, and dutches back story were all really well done, and i cant wait to see the other characters story's.

    the cars designs all rock, and the weapons are pretty cool too.

    the environments are so varied, it makes for some really good backgrounds though, from the technopunk motercity, the futuristic Detroit deluxe, and the overgrown mushroom areas, its all very well drawn as well.

    long post short, this is one epic show.

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