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    Oh I know. I already posted this over at the IDW forums, but I reckoned it couldn't hurt to put myself about a bit, like the cheap tart I apparently am. Hey ho. So yeah, looking for someone or someones with nimble fingers and a heart of BURNING JUSTICE to make me the happiest of robo-bunnies by making Remembrance Day into a reality. Read on for more information.

    I came up with the story outline a while back, and the recent Remembrance Day just gone inspired me to actually write up the script proper.

    Title: Remembrance Day
    Universe: G1
    Principle Characters: Strafe, Slugslinger, Triggerhappy
    Secondary Characters: Various other Cybertronian Autobots and Decepticons, including Crosshairs, Sureshot, Pointblank, Landmine, Cloudburst, Groundbreaker, Misfire, Needlenose, Spinister, Iguanus, Skullgrin*
    Location: Cybertron battlefield, twilight, rainy weather

    Spoiler-free outline: Everyone is fighting, and it begins to rain. This upsets everyone.

    Proper outline (avec les spoileurs from here on out): Just another day on Cybertron; the war is happening. In the thick of the fighting, Strafe notices that rainclouds are forming. When they eventually break and the rain starts to fall, the effect it has on Autobot and Decepticon alike is profound. While the rain falls, no-one has the heart to fight. And why? Well, Strafe explains all...

    Story notes: Essentially I began to think about Cybertron's weather system. Typically the planet's portrayed as being almost entirely dry - no oceans, no mountains, no rain. But...

    1) there's a war on
    2) transformers are full of fluids - liquid fuels, lubricants, coolants etc.
    3) When a transformer is blown apart by the aforementioned war, those chemicals are going to get thrown into the atmosphere
    4) Eventually there'll be enough to start raining back down on the planet
    5) Ew. That's the mixed life-fluids of your comrades and enemies falling down on you. That's enough to take the fight out of anyone.

    So yeah, the idea was to put together a "futility of war" message in a uniquely transformer way, something which is easy for our little fleshling minds to grasp and yet at the same time alien.

    Artist notes: Essentially I'm looking for a really bleak and subdued look. The battle's taking place in a dull grey twilight, juxtaposed with the flashes of gunfire, and when the rain comes down it only gets more so. If I was more of a pompous arse I'd use words like "gritty" and "grim". And I am, so I sort of have. Yeah, something like that please! Oh, and being that it takes place in a battle, there will be shooting and dudes getting shot. A bit of the old ultraviolence, yeah.

    So if you're a fancy man or lady with a pencil/pen/brush that likes to make people happy, send me a PM and we will talk business.

    *IMPORTANT CAVEAT! These are all background characters to make the battle scene more populated. If the artist has a particular preference for other characters with Cybertronian alt forms, these can very much be used instead. These characters have no individual importance for the story, but are needed to help flesh out the whole meaning of the thing.

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