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    If everybody knows that fans have been making a petition to continue the original Transformers run from Marvel and their issue 80, in wake of IDW's idea of picking up Larry Hama's original work with issue 1551/2 special, link below if anyone didn't get the news: : Fans Petition for New TRANSFORMERS Comic Based on Old Series

    While I am liking the idea to continue Simon Furman's original run with 81, I personally like to see IDW to pick up and bring back Dreamwave's version of the Transformers.

    Go ahead say what you want about me and Dreamwave, I truth be told don't or never enjoy the current take of Transformers from IDW, the closes I got from them doing DW's take was the Beast Wars stories, but that's about it.

    They did use the More than meets the eye info books from DW that tells profiles about the TFs, but I was hoping since I heard they pick up the rights was to continue DW's version but no.

    I confess I don't like the new way that Don is drawing transformers, his work on Dreamwave was so much better, but I been giving IDW the benefit of the doubt and do enjoy their GI Joe stories more then TF.

    Maybe if IDW does listen to the petition and do the same idea they did with GI Joe, I'll collected this continue series be the closes to the g1 I was expecting from DW.

    However, I like to see other petitions of TFs that bring back DW's stories, I personally like to see the War Within stories that Simon Furman did and Don going back to the designs he did for DW.

    I know this is asking a lot from me, but I feel is my right to view my favorite thing the way it is since I love as kid and as a TF Fan. But I like to see the TF story that Brad Mick left off and more War Within.

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