More Then Meets the Eye: Transformers Funny Story

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Fiction' started by drill, Oct 8, 2007.

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    This, I believe, belongs here rather then Funnies.

    I am going to assume that many of you dont know this. A long time ago, a man named Gary Martin started a website about the video game Megaman. In it, he and five others wrote stories based on the Robot Masters of that game, called Epilogues. It was called the Sinister Six.

    It started a trend. Various sites popped up based on the other games. We became a community called the Megaman community.

    Now my team is the Megaman 4 team, the Cossacks Comrades. To celebrate the Transformers movie, I wrote an epilogue based on how various people reacted to the movie before they saw it.

    I used the sprites from Icon of the Day for the TF.

    Another site called The Mechanical Maniacs, probably the most famous one founded by my pal Gauntlet, has had their share of Transformer epilogues, especially since one of their "Villains" is TV Galvatron. Half of their 4th "Series" was them vs the Decepticons. Starting from 13 (Well technically 14) is the MM vs the Decepticons. These aren't written by me but I figured you would like them anyway.

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