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    I used that NBETWO password in the log-in,

    Found out some new stuff at the (scanner?) icon on the left,
    You'll find 4 documents under "Tiger Team Assets":
    A PDF document titled "data download from global information grid", regarding the Tiger Team hacking to the DoD's global information grid, thanks to some advanced routines they discovered in the Megaman's (Magatron...) data storage devices, they are now using that system to monitor for any anomalies, mostly to discover N.B.E.'s.
    The other 3 files are satellite maps zooming on operations in North Korea, Eastern Europe and the Asian Peninsula.

    And, a new e-mail from March 5 on the bottom scorpion icon, sent from S7 Department of network security regarding the mails that were sent by the mysterious agent x (so yep, Optimus74, it is an authentic e-mail…),

    I'll keep looking for more updates,

    EDIT1: the 2 bottom right buttons (with gray icons of bugs on them) you'll find the older movies we've seen so far,
    on the alert sign icon, a new video transmission (once again I'm giving Rebecca a hard time…) any guesses on who is N.B.E – 102?

    EDIT2: guess you can merge this with the previous New features on Sector Seven website thread

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