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    Oct 28, 2007
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    Here is a list of transformers I'm selling, if I don't get any interest I'll put them on ebay. All are brand new unless stated otherwise
    All prices are negotiable. Postage is free to the UK. I do ship internationally.

    Binaltech Blaster (Broadblast) £40
    Binaltech Smokescreen loose £15
    Alternator Silverstreak loose £10
    Botcon Weirdwolf £20
    Energon Superion Maximus loose £20
    otfcc Roulette and Shadow Striker £30
    Energon Rodimus £12
    Botcon Shockaract £50
    Japanese 10th Anniversary Dinobot £20
    Transmetal 2 Black Arachnia £12
    Xbox Computer Game Steel Batallion and Line of Contact and Controller £70

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