Money, Love, and Dismemberment - The Ballad of Thunderclash and his Pizza

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    Payin' for the Pizza
    I'm no writer, but meh, you have a complaint, whatever
    Also, if you haven't seen Vangelus Thunderclash Review, you will still get this

    Chapter 1

    It was a very dark night. A dark night filled with stars and... dark. It was also the night of Thunderclash's big Elite Guard slumber party. All of them were there, Kup, Flak, Landshark, and Thunderclash. Thunderclash was throwing this party in celebration of the Elite Guard's recent defeat of the Krylon Tracking Force led by Scourge and his Sweeps. It was around 4 AM Iacon time, and the Autobot quartet showed no signs of being tired. Kup and Landshark were pillow fighting and Flak was playing solitaire.
    Thunderclash however stood in a corner, solemn and a little hungry. "Who wants something to eat?" said he. All of the Autobots quickly quipped "ENERGON-O'S!", any young Autobots favorite cereal. Thunderclash replied that he had just ran out. Kup yelled "Well then I'm not hungry!" and stomped off to play vidya games.

    "Yeah well you know what Kup? When we DO find out what we want, you're not getting ANY!" Barked Thunderclash. Kup proceeded to give Thunderclash the finger, and lost his had for that. Kup, in pain and embarrassed, left the party.
    The room was silent after Kup left until Landshark said "WOOOOO HOLY DAMN THAT WAS AWESOME". Flak sat where he had been the entire party and continued to play solitaire. Thunderclash in response to Landshark said "It had to be done. Kup needs to learn that you can't bark off to a commanding officer."

    After that ordeal, Thunderclash again asked "So what do you all want to eat?". Flak still sat silently, but Landshark said "Well... I'm kinda in the mood for pizza now...". "Pizza it is I guess" thunderclash said, and then he proceeded to call the pizza place.
    "'Ey dis is Don Computerleone's pizza shop and Anti Italian American Defamation League, tell me what you want or I'll wack ya."

    "Yes, I'd like two Unicron-sized Energonaroni pizzas.... uhhhhh..."
    "Force Chips!" Landshark said.
    "Yeah, Force Chips"

    "izzat all yous want?" Don Computerleone asked


    "Well den dat'll be ยต233, id'll be dere in turty minutes er less o else i'll wack da delivery boy... And you betta have da cash too o else I'll wack yous"

    "Erm, alright then, my address is 532 Faireborn Lane"
    Thunderclash was nervous because he did not have enough money to afford what he had ordered. What would the consequences of his actions entail? Keep reading to find out

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