Moments of an Ancient- aka Vector Prime's Blackmail

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    I am Vector Prime, Keeper of Space and time...and the unfortunate victim of falsely charged accusations about being a 'stalker'...This is my story of how video cameras ruined my life. Read at your own risk due to excessive amusement and TF bashings...

    Author's note: Karahrr, Subitayo (Subi), and Shiori Pax are origional characters, But I really don't have to have a disclaimer, do I? I mean, what's the point if its a Fanfiction board, right? Also, This is only partially my story, I'm just posting it for a friend on another site.


    Karahrr, a blue and black cat mech, connected herself to the small video camera, the images appearing on screens in her optics. She smirked. She may not be the best film maker, but blackmail doesn’t need to be professional to be effective….

    A couple of hours later, she traipsed into the Iacon Theater, one of the largest, imposing buildings in the city, disk in hand. Karahrr knew the owner very well, and had no doubt that her plans would succeed. “Hey Subi!” She shouted into the seemingly empty room.

    Moments later, with the sharp flash of a pair of green optics, another female voice snapped “What do you want?.!” A black and gold fox appeared, and its green optics glowed fiercely before turning into a human. Her green eyes were the only mechanic-like hint that she wasn't completely human, having no white or black in them at all, and her golden-ish hair came down to her hips. Her almost completely black clothing blended in with the long, black cape she wore, accented with bits of green, gold and silver. Noticing the pointedly maniacal grin on Karahrr's face, she eagerly asked, “Do you have it?”

    “Why of course, my friend. Have you set everything else up?” The grins on their faces grew even larger.

    “All we have to do is announce it, put the posters up, and send Optimus and Megatron the good seats. Does that count as ‘almost’?”

    “Indeed it does.” Karahrr went to make off and put the posters on the wall, but not before tossing a few credits to Subi. “…Make sure he stays put, ‘kay? I'll pay you twice as much if you can keep him realatively quiet through it, too.”

    "Never," Subi chuckled, and put her green-black mask with a golden optic-line on. "Never is there a better darkness of silence than one like this... " Subi said quietly, her voice suddenly sounding like the voice of three different people...

    It was now noon, and the streets were slowly filling with mechs. The posters were plastered on every surface of the theater, so all couldn’t help but notice. The movie was titled ‘Moments of an Ancient’, seeming to be a documentary. What caught their optics though, was the bottom letters that said in bold: ‘Grand showing. Free while there’s seats!’ The ones who had nothing better to do filed in.


    Optimus Prime was a busy leader. He had appointments, documents to sign, work to oversee…. He sighed. Was there any way to get some peace and quiet around here? Suddenly, a knock interrupted his thinking, and in came a theater messenger. “You have been requested as an important guest to the Iacon Theater for a grand showing, here is your ticket. It begins soon.” The small droid then handed it to him and walked off, to send the other. He did need a break…and it would be rude to decline the offer…He shuffled the paperwork together and put it on the corner of his desk, turning the lights off as he left. He had the perfect excuse.

    Megatron, on the other hand, had absolutely nothing to do. He already tortured his victims, bossed around his underlings, and finished the season finale of his favorite soap opera. To make matters worse, Blazestorm wasn't around to give him ideas to entertain himself with. A knock sounded at his door.

    “Come in!” He snarled, boredom already making him irritable. A droid from the theater shuffled in, invitation in hand. “You have been requested as an important guest to the Iacon Theater for a grand showing. Here is your ticket.” He repeated his monotone lines, hoping that he’d never have to do this again. “It begins soon.” The ‘Con snatched it out of his hands.

    “A movie, eh? This should get interesting…” He trailed off bemusedly, giving the droid a somewhat fanged, evil, plotting grin. The droid ran off, debating whether or not to quit his job.

    Now all that was to be done was to gather the star of the show.


    Karahrr readied herself, sending a transmission to Vector Prime. “Help, come quick! We need you in the main theater room!” This startled him. Should he call for backup?…No, they called for him, and him alone. He could handle it. Or so he thought.

    Running through the back way of the room, he was blinded temporarily by the darkness. Optics readjusting to the lack of light, he noticed the poster of the movie to be shown… Oh Primus, they actually did it! Trying to back out to the exit, Subi got in his way, smirking.

    "Leaving so soon?” She asked airily, twirling the green flames on her gloved palm with her fingers. “Sneaking in a theater has its consequences, so I suggest you don’t do it. Unfortunately, security is too busy preparing for the film, so you’ll just have to stay put and get in trouble later.” With a dangerous gleam reflected in the optic-line of her mask, she requested: “Please sit down. You are about to see your acting career, after all.” Life wasn’t fair for Vector Prime.

    Finally, all the doors closed and the people found their seats. There was a little problem with the ‘important guests’, though. Apparently the only two remaining seats were next to each other, and you know how those two are. Oh well, their problem. The screen turned on, and it had begun to play. Only the title was different than what the posters claimed. Instead, it now said ‘Vector Prime’s Blackmail’.

    Oh yes, this was going to be rich...
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    The amusement began.

    Vector Prime ran into the room on the screen, shouting. “How does Subitayo do that?!” He asks himself, unaware of the two in the room smirking. With an evil laugh, Subi made herself known, stepping into the light and his view. He froze, and the wish to be away from this place was growing more apparent on his face by the second. To make matters worse, Karahrr, as a black and blue cat mech, purred her usual greeting -which can be debated whether or not true: “Hello, stalker.”

    Now he looks like he just wants to fade out of existence, judging from his gape and the identical grins on their faces. “Not another one…” A groan escapes him. Another bout of maniacal laughter (this time from Karahrr) and mech is at wit’s end. “They’re all insane!” are his final words as he runs towards the door; but not fast enough to miss their words.

    With a chorus of “Thank you for the compliment!” from Karahrr over-laid by a chilling “MUAHAHAHAHA!” by Subi; He screams, even standing on tiptoe for effect, pressing himself against the wall behind him somewhat. The duo looks at him, dumbfounded…Until they take advantage of the situation at hand.

    “It’s a lie, they altered it, I swear!” Vector Prime cried, jumping up in front of the screen.

    “Quiet, you!” Subi growled, the green flames in her hand used as a flashlight in the darkness could be for much more than that…much more. Twitching, he reluctantly sat down in one of the front row seats. Ah, the honor of being the star of the film!

    “Didn’t know you screamed like a girl.” Subi snickered on the screen.

    “I do not!” was his indignant deny.

    “You just proved it!” She shot back, with a triumphant smirk under her mask.

    “Girly-bot!” chipped in Karahrr.

    With that, they got the desired effect. “WHAT was that?!” He shouted, only to meet crazily entertained eyes.

    “Do you seriously want me to repeat myself?” The cat-mech skeptically inquired. Subi decided to point out the painfully obvious that was only obscure to him: “You couldn’t catch her even if you used a warp system.” A pause, “Then again, you couldn’t catch anyone using a warp system.”

    As a mistake on his part, he called her on it. “Do you want to count on that?!”

    In proper Subi-fashion, she responds, “Yep!” and cackles off down the hallway, leaving him with a bemused Karahrr and doubts of ever finding sanity. He mutters to himself, “Then again, I don’t want to catch her.” He didn't really have a choice in the matter, because soon after that….

    “Vector Prime’s a chicken-girl-bot!” was ricocheting off of every wall, accompanied by the fox spirit’s evil, victorious cackle. Vector Prime was fuming.

    “Why that…!” he exclaimed, running after her. The said phrase was repeated all over the base, getting any mech’s attention that wasn’t taken over by annoyance of it. Vector Prime caught up ten minutes later, where she was walking at a leisurely pace still shouting. “I swear, someone needs to check her thought processing units…” he muttered. Even though she seemed to expect him, the comment was all but unforeseen. “Go there and burn in eternal darkness, VP!” She snarled.

    “This is highly unfair…” Vector Prime sighed, finally giving up on catching either of them for a moment of peace... Suddenly, Karahrr’s shout ran through as an echo, carrying forth the message that would begin an era of torture: “Can you believe that I managed to record all this on tape?!”

    “Blackmail!! WHOO!” Subi cheered, taking off down the hallway, once again laughing her evil laugh.

    "What?!?" Vector Prime yelled, and began chasing them with a renewed fury.

    "Muahahaha!" Subi cackled, running into a room where Vector Prime wouldn't even dream of entering on his own free will-- even if it was his reputation at stake.

    "Oh Primus! STALKER!!" Karahrr howled, shooting down another hallway in her mech-mode...

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    The door creaked open, finally unchained. Shockblast, with the irrational fear of locked rooms, ran out, shouting “Freedom!” As usual, annoyed looks were exchanged with the remaining mechs and femmes. Then the first thing he decided to do with his newfound freedom was to nearly collide into Jetfire.

    “By Primus! Watch where yer slaggin’ going, Shocky!” Vector Prime was there as well, giving an odd look. “Hello…”

    The freedom happy mech ignored him, turning to Jetfire with shifty glances. “Sorry Jetfire.” Karahrr let out a snicker at the situation in the distance. Jetfire merely muttered, glaring. Shiori peered down the hallway with an uncertain look. Elita-1 walked down the hall to where they were standing, greeting with an “Imagine you two being down here…”

    The green and white seeker was brought out of his mutterings. “Eh?…Oh, hey Elita.” He said, still looking slightly miffed. Vector Prime merely chuckled a bit and replied: “Well, as the keeper of space and time, I believe I would know where to go to get something accomplished…” Simultaneously, three answers of the like came out from the females (Elita-1, Karahrr, and Shiori, if your memory failed you).


    “No comment.”

    “Doubt it.”

    All were laced in extreme sarcasm, causing Thundercracker to snicker as he followed the others up to the group. Karahrr took her sweet time, spacing out for a split second at how odd the room looked. Coming to her senses, she blinked and ran to catch up to them all. Brings a new definition to the term ‘lazy kitty’, doesn’t it?

    The two leaders laughed, and Vector Prime’s face grew more crestfallen. Heck, you can expect Megatron to do such a thing, but Optimus? It pecks at the ego a lot. The Autobot noticed, and apologized, before bursting into laughter again. At this point, the old mech didn’t have an ego it was so pecked to death. Unless you count that shred of naiveté that was always present.

    “Sorry about that…” He held back another chuckle, and got up and went to the door. “I’ll be back in a moment.” Subi let him through, smirking. A minute or so later, hysterical laughter finally subsided from the hallway outside. The mech walked back in to his seat, trying to hide a deeply amused smile. It didn’t work so well.

    It was Megatron’s time to play now. Using his still continuing laughter from earlier, he slapped his knee in humor and gasped out with lack of breath, “You just missed the best part!” Truth be told, it was just Elita saying that they should rescue Optimus before he went mad…but let’s not ruin his fun.

    “What happened?!” He asked. If that before was funny, just imagine how the best part was!

    Megatron merely sneered. “Like I would tell you, Prime.”

    “Come on…just tell me!” he whined. The other onlookers were starting to get annoyed at the argument, especially since that bit was far from the best.

    “Will you shut up already? I’m trying to watch the movie!” A transformer teenage-ish voice barked, and a large bucket of popcorn hit them both, sending the fluffy kernels everywhere. Megatron gave a death glare to Hot Shot, who was still standing in a popcorn throwing position, and sent a massive jolt of electricity. Optics widening, Hot Shot sprinted out of the way, leaving an insanely out of it Shockblast to take the hit.

    “Oh Primus, what have I done to deserve this…?” the 'Con moaned to no one in particular, twitching in his own personal crater. The Decepticon leader shrugged with indifference, going back to the movie.

    “Would I lie?” Vector Prime asked skeptically, acting as though such a thing wasn’t possible.

    “That’s questionable.” Stated an amused Starscream.

    “I’m not going to answer that.” Was Karahrr’s subtle reply. He glared at them, but it didn’t work. Starscream snickered, Shiori smiled, and Jetfire had a large grin on his face. It was just not his day, was it? Thundercracker scratched his head in confusion.

    “Why do I get the impression that I just missed something?” the blue, gray and orange seeker asked. Shockblast had the same, blank look on his face and said, “Good question.” Karahrr just smiled her fanged smile and answered, “Because you did.”
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    The screen seemed to jump, leaving the audience with an even more amusing situation suddenly pinned on the screen.

    “AAHHH! HELP ME!! SOMEONE!!!” The ancient mech ran into view on the screen, tripping over himself in the process, and ending in a heap at femmebot Shiori’s feet.

    “What is it now, Vector Prime?” she asked, glancing at him tiredly, all too familiar with the chaos.

    “HE’S AFTER ME!!!” He shouted, scrambling to his feet and merely trembling. Muttering abstractly much like a paranoid person would. “He’s after me…I know he is…”

    “What’d you do this time?” Shiori sighed. If the audience didn’t know better, it would have appeared that the somewhat mentally unstable Vector Prime wasn’t even listening. Instead, a fearful stare was directed for no reason at a dent in the wall. Eventually some response came out, albeit hesitatingly.

    “Well…uhm…you see…” He didn’t get to finish that string of words, for Optimus appeared in the doorway behind him.

    “Stopping already, Vector?” Letting out a squeak, the mentioned mech ran out via another exit, only to barely miss running into a red and white seeker. Swerving, he yelled startlingly, “DON’T DO THAT STARSCREAM!” Vector Prime was hysterical to say the least as he went down the hallway as though the reaper was pursuing him. Starscream gave an alarmed glare, mixed with pure confusion. Shiori just asked her brother knowingly: “…Nice…Hunting game?”

    Optimus nodded in wholehearted amusement. “Yep. New target, however. He doesn’t like the idea much now, does he, though?” He grinned with a highly amused glint in his gold optics. “Now if you’ll excuse me…I have a Prime to catch.” With those words, he started back after the mentioned ancient keeper of space and time that we all know.

    The two remaining mechs just watched him go by. Starscream twitched in annoyance and called after his retreating form. “Can’t you just leave him alone for once?!” Sighing, he came into the room as originally intended. “They don’t know when to give up do they?”

    Shiori indirectly answered, “I have a feeling Vector Prime started it.”

    “I know he started it. Just ask Hot Shot…” trailing off with indifference. “Or don’t ask Hot Shot, I don’t care…” Yelping from what sounded like a couple of hallways away echoed across the whole base.

    “OH GOD! PRIMUS! HAVE MERCY!” An angry retort was heard, followed by, “OPTIMUS! TAKE PITY ON ME! IT SHALL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!” Optimus’ furious lecture could be heard, but it was still too far away to be understood as to what he’s saying. Vector Prime appeared to have a lot of lung for the base to hear all his shrieking.

    A few minutes later, the ancient mech scuffled back into the room Shiori was in, acting very skittish. Shiori finally got tired of it all and suggested, “Vector Prime…Don’t you think it’s time you ended this?”

    “I-I think that t-that just h-happened…”

    She took a long look at him shrewdly. “What did you do?!”

    Shying away, he replies: “I have not done anything…” followed by several whimpers and a fit of trembling. His body posture just screaming ‘Don’t hurt me!’

    “Great…then what happened?” No answer was given, just more trembles finding their way into his system. After a bit of silence, he whispers very softly:

    “That is the last time I follow instructions from anyone to chase a Prime around…” with a paranoid shifting of optics, “…Even if he isn’t…” He gulped apprehensively “…isn’t a Prime yet….”

    Optimus shows up in the doorway again, his optics narrowed into near slits, this time to reinforce what the quaking bot said. “ And you better remember that, ” He growled, and the ancient mech's own optics widened, even more than what seemed possible.

    “Yes sir…” He cringed and trembled even more with the hard look that was sent his way, too preoccupied with that thought to notice Optimus nodding to Shiori and leaving the room.

    In the audience, Megatron elbowed the Autobot leader next to him. "I didn't realize the situation was that bad when I heard it in my room..."

    "He was threatening Hot Shot! Of course I'm going to chase him for attempted assassination!"

    " Attempted assassination?" Megatron snickered at the excuse Optimus had used. Optimus glared at him before turning back to the movie.

    “What did he do?” Shiori looked curiously at where Optimus had been, as well as the now fear stricken Vector Prime in the movie.

    “... I think... that I'm going... to go to my room... for awhile...” was Vector Prime's weary statement, and Shiori nodded. “Note to self: Never get anywhere near Optimus when he's furious... and thinks it’s a game...” Vector muttered to himself, making to leave for his room.

    “You hear that, Megatron?” Optimus whispered to his used-to-be arch nemesis beside him in the audience.

    “Good luck with that.” Was heard from the Shiori on screen.

    Megatron chortled, “That annoying buzz? Of course.”

    Back to the movie, Vector Prime freaked. With a frightened look behind his shoulder, Vector Prime bolted, with the faint yell of “They’re all mind-readers! The lot of them!!” Her laugh at the reaction spurred him on even faster. After she faded from sight, he breathed, “What is WITH that family?! Why do all the Pax’s have mind readers?!” Hurrying forward, he nearly ran into the used-to-be Pax that caused his very near mental breakdown in the first place: Optimus. “Oh God!” Vector Prime cried as he scrambled around the Autobot leader. Rushing down the furthest hallway, the confused look wasn’t seen by the now hysterical mech. “IT WASN’T ME!” Vector howled as he went.

    Optimus merely blinked and looked at the back of Vector Prime, who was already turning a corner, “Did I miss something?” Shiori looked down the hall as well, noting how frightened he was. Optimus shook his head, sighing, “…One would think that he isn’t completely innocent from that statement…”

    "Well you scared the living daylights out of him, of course he's going to panic..." Shiori scolded him as she came into the room. Optimus looked back at her with a knowing grin before transforming and driving down a different hallway...
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    Vector Prime meandered into the recreational room (also known as the ‘wreck’ room, for obvious reasons), holding books seemingly as old as him. Shiori, Elita-1, Megatron, First Aid, Starscream, Optimus, and a silver spider droid by the name of Kei-o were there, doing assorted tasks. In the room itself was all the basics. A couple couches, a snack machine, an air hockey table, and a randomly placed TV in the corner. Not to mention a blown time machine, still yet to be removed due to some sentimental value of which none knew. He gathered them all around, except for a strangely acting First Aid, whom was too busy doing sit-ups.

    “What?” First Aid asked, the stares getting to him. “It was either that or listen to VP’s rambling!” After a few murmurs of agreement, they stopped, concentrating on the screen. Vector Prime glared at him from below.

    “..This is pointless…” Shiori grumbled. She was dragged over here in the middle of a heated air hockey match with Starscream! Elita-1 merely gave a long sigh of boredom, as Vector Prime brought them over to see something amazing in this one book and he lost it under the others he brought. Kei-o looked up at Shiori hopefully.

    “Ah… Here it is… ‘The Book of Legends’” He plucked out an especially tattered and yellowed one.

    “And we're supposed to care, old man?” Megatron sneered, tired of waiting for something he doubted he would ever care about. Silence rung through as people considered that. It was a very tempting thing to ask, after all…

    “…Weird.” Quietly muttered Shiori, probably wondering how someone so ancient could read in the first place. Then again, the book was just as old. The spider droid poked at her leg, to get her attention, asking, “Up?” She bent down to lift Kei-o, but not before catching the amusing sight in front of her.

    Megatron’s comment apparently prodded a sore circuit in the old mech and he grabbed one of the heavier books, whacking him upside the head. “Where is your respect for an ‘old man’?!” Vector scolded. Megatron yelped, tearing out of the room, muttering a large string of curses and the promise of revenge.

    At this point and time, Optimus snickered from his cinema seat, watching the irked Decepticon fume at what had been shown. “I was concerned about the safety and well-being of my soldiers, Prime. So shut it!” Don’t we all know it…

    A jeer was heard floating in the above seats. “Were those tears I saw?” Megatron twitched.

    “Those were tears of pain!” Not the best comeback, but it functioned.

    “So it actually hurt, didn’t it, Megatron? You, the invincibl--” Shockblast didn’t manage to finish by a long shot, as he was electrocuted again. This time on purpose. Another ‘Con nearby called Subi over and said, “Isn’t this disrupting the movie?!” Alarmed that he might be next.

    “What are you talking about?” She innocently asked, hiding a would-be toothy grin. “People are still watching it right? Now I suggest that you stop disrupting.” A threatening growl escaped her. “Got it?” He gulped, and nodded. “Good.” She then walked off to tell off the once again wailing Vector Prime. Who obviously was more of an interruption than a shock-happy Megatron.

    Vector Prime puffed out his chest in the sudden ego boost of bashing the ‘Con leader over the head. “I guess I can still show a Decepticon a thing or two…”

    A skeptic silence filled the room.

    “Suuure..” They all said, and then turned back to their tasks without even waiting to hear his "interesting" story...


    Is it too much to ask for comments? I'd like to know what you all think... even if this is a short, torturous 'movie'. :ev: 
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    Subi and Karahrr were yet again hunting for the ever-elusive Vector Prime. This time, he came somewhat more willing; or unknowingly, your choice.

    “Vector Prime!” Barked Subi, getting impatient.

    “Oh stalker….” Hauntingly called Karahrr, preparing to do as planned when he came up. Though doubtfully that would ever bring someone over.

    “Where did that ancient brat get to?” Subi mumbled irritably. Karahrr shrugged, deciding to try using his own language…somewhat. “Where art thou, ancient geezer?” They paused, then burst out laughing. No way that’d work! Or so they thought…

    “I am afraid I did not understand that…” A perplexed Vector Prime said, somehow behind the cat mech, Karahrr. Instantaneously, three things happened:

    1) Both of them nearly had a heart attack.

    2) Karahrr ran to the other side of the room in surprise, yelling “Stalker!” as she went.

    3) Subi fell over on the floor after the prompt shout of “Oh God! When did you get there?!”; most likely twitching.

    The audience was sprinkled with snorts of amusement. Subi glared at the screen. Oh how Karahrr was going to wish she had a better movie making program…

    He ignored their reactions. “I have said this many times: I am not a ‘stalker’.”

    Recovering from their shock of the disturbing amount of stealth he had, both replied: “Or so you say,” and “That’s what they all say.” They blinked, looked at each other, and agreed to one thing: “Okay, you die now, Vector Prime.” Subi announced, irritated at the ‘mind clone’ moment that occurred.

    Soundwave squirmed uncomfortably in the chair next to Vector Prime, aware of a particular person’s glare. ‘Thank Primus they didn’t find me that time...’ He thought.

    “Die… now? ” He gulped, backing away in alarm.

    “Yes.” Was Karahrr’s unneeded confirmation.

    “I knew I shouldn’t have come…!” With that he bolted. Subi followed, roaring: “Get back here you ancient tin can!” Karahrr merely stayed in the room, blandly giving a glare. From the other side, apparently he was very slow and was caught thirty seconds later (go figure). The screams of a Shakespearean accent and crackle of electricity told enough of what happened then and there. Subi literally pranced back in the room, grin on her face. “That was amusing.”

    The Decepticon communications officer was VERY glad he had went on a mission that day.

    Just then, Optimus, who heard all the commotion, walked by. The screen blipped to black abyss as the lens cap was hastily put on and hidden; audio still running.

    “Do I want to know who screamed?” The Autobot asked.

    “No,” Came Subi's voice.

    “…A girly-bot, I think,” Karahrr commented.

    The audio then fizzled out, apparently running out of batteries. It faded back in moments later, voices warped slightly. Any sign of Optimus was not heard at all.

    “Mweheheh, you think Vector Prime knows he was called a drag queen?” Came Karahrr’s amused voice.

    “As you have said, ‘He's a stalker... He knows everything.’ ” Replied Subi, sounding disturbed by the prospect- or Karahrr's cat-like evil laugh.

    “I wish!” At that point, a random mech threw a rock (from who knows where) at the ancient mech's white form a few rows ahead of him/her, hitting Vector Prime square in the back of the head. Needless to say, he was silent for the remainder of the scene after he came back online.

    “Indee- Hey, is the audio on that still on?” A banging noise could be heard and all remaining workable features of the camera went flat. Because we all know that off buttons are overrated.
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    "Behind the Scenes"...

    “Plotting is fun,” Subitayo mused evilly, looking to an equally amused Karahrr in the Iacon Theater lobby. The place wasn’t open yet, due to it still being early in the morning, so the two could talk freely without any mech getting suspicious and plotted against for it. That was too messy on such a lovely day. Their recent movie was very popular, bringing in suggestions of a sequel or continuation. Thus, a meeting was formed for just that purpose. Subi then smirked, adding, “We had a large turnout for “Prime Horrors”…”

    The black cat-mech nodded in wholehearted agreement, chirping “Of course!” with the remembrance of the finer moments caught on film. “But just for the sake of asking, did you sell out for later showings?” She asked, her voice suddenly holding a snicker.

    “Hell yes,” the theater manager happily answered, turning her gaze to the screening room. “Half of the first showing came back with more friends later that very day.” The maniacal smile flashed was replaced by a thoughtful look as an idea set in. “We need to make another one of those.” Karahrr gave a predator-like grin in return.

    “That could easily be arranged, yes?”

    “Even if merely for self-entertainment…” She broke off, finally registering Karahrr’s comment. “Indeed. Shall we get what we need then?” With a final cackle and dash before the cat could answer, the room upstairs was filled with clanging as objects were thrown on the floor, as well as mutters from a distracted Subi. “No, no, no, that won’t work… He’ll see that. This'll work!” Subi bounded back down, handing a certain gleeful conspirator the main instrument of doom, a camera, chanting, “Got ‘em all!” Karahrr snatched it eagerly, playing with the controls until it was safely usable. Compared to last time’s fiasco, which left them using a tweaking spare. The rest of the items were put into a pile on the side, now being rifled through. “Let’s see, what else will you need? Can't forget the datapad.” Said object was tossed over at the mention of it. “And I think that’s it. Aside from finding our stars, that is.”

    “That shall be the fun part!” the camera toting femme chirped, pocketing the datapad. Subi nodded, smirk appearing on her face.

    “Indeed. You hunt down VP, there’s something I want to set up first.” And smirk still on her face, she ran out, almost flattening Jetfire, who was quite glad that he had swerved on time. Karahrr came out in a much slower fashion -camera hidden-, looking at the mech in confusion. The shock of almost being run over wearing off somewhat, he blankly glanced in her direction.

    “‘Ello, Karahrr.” She twitched, hoping to get a clear getaway but obviously failed.

    “Hello…” Her tone of voice didn’t help either, because it was badly trying to hold a cackle in from all the plans. Jetfire didn’t miss a beat.

    “What’re you and Subi upta now?” If a mech wasn’t restricted by reality, she would be a popsicle by now, standing stiffly and shiftily looking for possible exits.

    “Why ever do you ask?”

    “‘Cause Subi usually doesn’ come runnin’ out of the theater like that unless she’s got som’tin planned?” He supplied, off-put by the sudden hesitation and guardedness of the question, though admittedly innocent sounding if one wasn’t used to the antics. She didn’t cave, not yet, but it was clear she wanted to leave for something.

    “Sure…I guess that’s plausible.” At last, the dots connected and he gave a semi-suspicious look.

    “Could I take the guess that its som’tin like "Prime Horrors"?”

    The questioning getting to her, she finally snapped, sprinting off with an, “I shall not tell!” Behind her, Jetfire gave an awkward look.

    “I was jus' gonna tell ya if you were lookin' fer VP he was in the library, but okay... Both amusement providin' oddballs,” he shook his head. “Gotta love 'em...” with that, he continued on his way to the Autobot command center.

    In the distance, the words rung loud and clear to her audio receptors, and the chase was on.

    "Oh Vector Pri-ime... "

    And now we introduce our second star in the next chapter briefly... :ev: 

    Everyone will love our special DJ, yes? Muahahaha... :dj 
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    The chase was indeed on; for both Subi and Karahrr. To prove this point, the cat mech and Jetfire were passed by a frantically running Soundwave, a cackling fox hot on his heels. “Muahahahahaha!”

    Blinking, Karahrr took a glance at the retreated dots that were predator and prey, muttering “Well, looks like we found what we were looking for,” before running to the library in reawakened amusement. Arriving at the entrance, she went unnoticed by Vector Prime who was at the door in curiosity from hearing the chaos.

    “What is all the commotion?” He asked himself. Looking around, nothing was to be seen to his ancient optics. “Odd…”

    The feline mech smirked and stood at some distance, “Convenient.” He turned to go back inside the library when Karahrr's voice was heard behind him. “Hello, Stalker...” Her smirk became even bigger at his increasingly horrified expression.

    “Not you…” A smile betrayed the comment that was uttered out of her mouth.

    “Aww, you say that as though it's a bad thing.”

    His optics gave a flare as he snapped “And with good reason!” Then, turning with a huff, he stomped back into the library, all if any good mood gone. Subi skidded to a stop at the library steps just as he entered, right beside Karahrr.

    “This'll be interesting to see later.” Glee was evident in her voice, and if one could listen even closer, there was a hint of evil chortle as well.

    Karahrr took a look at her, and then tauntingly said to no one in particular, “We can easily do a re-screening for profits in the theater.”

    “I think a sequel would be interesting.” The cat mech shrugged in indifference.

    “That too.”

    “'Specially with what I've planned…” Her face perked up, and Subi's voice started to once again regain its maniacal property. “Now where's the old tin can?” Karahrr's optics narrowed in slight annoyance.

    “Stomping in the library, where else?”

    Hearing this, he practically yelled inside said area, “Who are you calling a 'tin can'!” The two blinked, then regained their composure.

    “Already suspicious, is he?” Subi asked, mirror of the same grin on the other's face.

    “How about a little 'interview'?” Karahrr suggested in reply.

    Prancing into the library, she told the catching up cat mech, “Just what I was thinking.” Needless to say, she was ecstatic.

    “I got some questions!” she announced, finally falling into step with Subi. Moments later, they were at the aware Vector Prime's side, ready to fire away at a moment's notice.

    “Ohh Vector Priiime... We got a simple, easy question for you.” At this deceivingly innocent request, an expression of utter cluelessness formed on his features.

    “A… question?” he inquired, flabbergasted at the tone which was so free of impending doom.

    “Yes.” But, antics after a while are caught onto, so the standard issue shifty glance was given at her response. That little smirk reforming did little to backup the original idea of innocence as well.

    Cursing his willingness to help others, he supplied, “Such as…?”

    “Simple.” The answer was hardly what even he expected. “Why are you pink?” He gave a blank look in response.

    “… Pink?

    “Yes, pink.” Karahrr blandly verified, annoyance flitting through her features. Subi handed over a bewildered gaze to the cat mech.

    “He doesn't even know what pink is. Wow.”

    The cat, in turn, shrugged nonchalantly. “Figures.” Vector Prime narrowed his optics in tried patience.

    “I am not 'pink'.” Subi shook her head slightly.

    “Are too.”

    “What she said.” Her companion chipped in, annoyance gone.

    “Really?” he asked, still perplexed. The fox sighed and pointed to his armor.

    “Pink. Why Pink?” Realization dawning on the ancient mech, igniting a small temper flare.

    “That is not pink, that is magenta!”

    Karahrr gave up on the niceties and yelled back, “That's still pink!” Subi was the calmer of the two for the moment.

    “Magenta, pink, same thing. Why?”

    Starting to get irritated, he questioned, “Why should it matter?” Whatever restraint Subi had there, snapped.

    “Because pink is not a color for a keeper of time!” Karahrr muttered her agreements to that statement as well. By this time, Vector Prime was irked.

    “How would you know? Perhaps the timeframe is magenta colored?” At that, the tiniest of awkward silences was brought forth. Awkward silence done and gone, Subi resumed speaking.

    “Weird timeframe.”

    “Pfft, your reasoning sucks.” The black cat mech beside her couldn't hold back from commenting as well, though different in nature. Subi dived right back in.

    “Plus if that were the case, why aren't you all pink, instead of mostly white?”

    “Good question…”

    He sighed at their comments and fruitfully tried to clear things up. “Magenta, and I said 'perhaps'.”

    “Pink,” substituted Subi, getting into the spirit once more.

    “Magenta.” He replaced, getting increasingly annoyed. Due to the circumstances, and being who Subitayo was, she did the only thing that would get the message through to the old mech; shout.


    Getting tired of being left out of the verbal ping pong, Karahrr added, “The color of a ballerina.” into the mix. This was the last straw for the pink mech.

    Pulling out his sword, he shouted, “That's it!” This seemed to only make matters worse for him.

    “Oohh, looky Karahrr, it isn't PINK.

    “Indeed. Hey, the ballerina's using a prop!” He twitched, walking out towards the library door.

    “I do not have to put up with this…” he muttered, trying to ignore the taunting voices behind him. Their voices seemed impossible not to hear though.

    “Oooo, the PINK man is running away.” The fox jibed, eliciting a response from the mech beside her.

    “Pinky!” he started twitching, still moving towards the exit.

    “Magenta.” The two -mostly Subi- continued.

    “Pink bot!” Vector Prime couldn’t take anymore.

    Circuits frying in anger, he shouted once more, “Magenta!” before warping out. They both smirked.

    “Well that was relatively effective.” An amused Subi noted. Karahrr stated the obvious.

    “I take it that someone had a temper problem…”

    Face alight with mischief again, Subi added, “Unfortunately for him, I messed with the warp systems.” The cat mech nodded in amusement.

    “Nice.” Subi smiled happily at the chaos just created and filmed. “This is sure to be a hit!”
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    Amusement wearing off, Subi turned her attention back to Karahrr, idea lighting up in her mind. “Care to give our borderline stalker a visit?” The feline instantaneously agreed.

    “Of course!” At this exclamation, the Subi joyfully bounded down the library steps in her fox mode, hearing the following cat mutter a happy little chorus of “amusement” They sharply turn a corner towards a room, getting camera and ideas on the ready. With the speed they were going at, Subi nearly ran someone over again, this time in the walkway, them going the opposite direction. The two stopped in their tracks, knowing there would be some sort of possible conflict; Subi didn’t have time for this.

    “Sorry--“ she cut herself off, seeing it was only Shiori. Her expression came back to its normal plotting look at this discovery. “Pardon us. Come if you’d like.”

    Shiori shrugged, saying, “It’s okay. And sure, I’ll come along.” They all exchanged amused glances, then went into the room ahead of them.

    “Ohhh Soundwave…” Subi called, grin plastered on her face, much like Karahrr in the presence of a ball. Recognizing the voice instantly, he turned.

    “Slag, can’t you leave me alone--“ There was a slight pause. “What’s this about a movie?”

    “Whatever are you talking about?” Karahrr asked almost convincingly, giving a devious smile at the thought. Subi had other ways.

    “Keep out of my head, radio. I run a theater, of course I think about movies!” there was a barely noticeable shift of eyes, but he didn’t seem to catch it, because he just gave a blank stare. Karahrr went along with this, seeing as she realized her plan was practically shot down.

    “Wow, he isn’t very smart, is he?”

    Subi smirked. “Indeed not.”

    The feline mech shrugged. “His problem; not mine.”

    Realizing that the femmebot was being awfully quiet, the fox asked gleefully, “Care to comment, Shiori?” Finally noticing her presence thanks to this, he gave a perturbed look.

    “You’ve dragged Optimus’s sister into this?” A glare of sorts settled on his features. “If he finds out, he’ll tear you lot apart.”

    The three didn’t seem to care at this, and Subi replied jovially, “No he won’t. Not when he sees what we provide in return for it.” Shiori chuckled lightly, and Karahrr nodded in confirmation.

    “Indeed, Subi.” Done saying her part, the cat turned her head curiously at Soundwave to see his reaction.

    “Well keep me out of it--“ Another pause from the mech, this time on the verge of anger. “What do you mean “program alteration”?”

    “Exactly what it means.” Subi chirped in answer to Soundwave, making sure to put some underlying promises of torture if any protest at the idea.

    “Bothersome little thing, aren’t you?” the feline taunted just after the other comment, suddenly feeling out of place, but not from the tall mech’s glare.

    “I am not little.” Karahrr twitched in irritation.

    “I don’t care about minor details!” the cat demon snapped.

    “Who cares?” Subi said hauntingly at the same time, then muttered, “We’re going to get our amusement one way or another…” At this, and the fox’s little bout of twitching, Soundwave bolted. Karahrr glared at where he just was a few moments ago.


    “Good luck.” Shiori muttered, watching an enraged Subitayo pursue him.

    “Get back here for death you static-ridden cassette player!” the said cassette player, either at this statement or sheer luck, tripped on a passing-by Autobot on the way out of the door. Subi took to this advantage, shifting her head to the conspirators and witnesses. “Have fun observing VP's internet problems; he's messing around in the Autobot Command center...”

    “Ah, the internet deal.” Shiori had to giggle at the prospect, unable to resist from doing so from all the torture that'd clearly been planned out by the other two femmes.

    Soundwave finally unlodged himself and ran off once more. “Soundwave get your aft back here for an aft kicking!” Subi raged. Within moments, both were out of sight, and only Shiori and Karahrr were left -excluding an offline mech from the collision.

    “Come on, Shiori, this shall be amusing.” The words finally sinking in, they begin moving in the direction of the command center. When they arrived, the last thing they’d thought they’d see, was in front of them: he was having trouble typing in an internet address. Taken aback by this, Karahrr asked, “Hey tin can, need some help?” before smirking at his expression of self-pity and pain.

    “Can you not leave an old mech such as me alone?” She pretended to think that over.

    “Depends, but in your case…” she savored his outraged expression for a moment “Not my problem.” Getting a box out of nowhere (or seemingly his subspace pocket), he tossed it at her, only to see her dodge and end up right by his side, much to his annoyance. It was even harder to figure out how to work the browser with someone looking nearby! Taking a step forward, Shiori joined in furthering his suffering.

    “How’s the internet ‘figuring’ going?” He twitched at the femmebot’s question, shiftily glancing.

    “Fine.” Karahrr noticed his hesitation at answering.

    “You know, I can easily show you how to do this…” He glared at the cat, hearing the teasing undertone.

    “No thank you.” About to snap back, he interrupts her. “I have had enough embarrassment from the likes of you previously to last a lifetime.” The anguish was clear in his voice, which made Karahrr happier all the more.

    “Why thank you.” She said with a flourish. Shiori, still at the task at hand, tilted her optics towards the ceiling and shook her head slightly in a gesture equivalent to a human rolling their eyes.

    “So how long has it taken you to figure this out again? I don't know...can we Karahrr?” Annoyed slightly at the old mech, Karahrr just gave a slight glare.

    “Help the old, rust-resistant tin can?” In confirmation or agony, Vector Prime sighed and abruptly banged his head on the keyboard with a moan. To this, Shiori regarded him silently; Karahrr just kept looking at the screen right next to him, unnerving him all the more. Suddenly, a popup from a website, despite the lack of site at all, came up, giving an idea to the plotting cat demon. “Oh Vector Prime…”

    Probably mad by now with her mere presence, he muttered, ‘Primus, spare my poor, unsanctioned spark.’, before turning and practically growling, “What?” She pointed to the intrusive vacation offering to Vegas window.

    “You what that window that just popped up does?” he looked at it, utterly clueless.

    “No…” She grinned sharply.

    “Then why don’t you find out?” Going closer to screen, he examined it for a moment.

    “No, I do not want what it wants to give us.” He replied, closing it and trying to make this ‘google’ function. She sighed, now acting the role of the typical worrier.

    “Just as long as you don’t give us anything like bugs in the system.” The old mech gave her a confused look.

    “‘Bugs’? What is a ‘bug’?” Karahrr’s face faltered, giving a dull glare.

    “You can find out for yourself later.” But with this prospect, she was again sadistically bright. Vector Prime ignored the comment, finally figuring out how to search for something. Unbeknownst to them, a mentally cackling Subi sneaked in, unseen and hidden on the other side of the console. With a fanged grin, she messed around with a wired datapad and panel in front of her. A pause hanging in the air, he blinkingly looked at the blank error page. “…Nothing.”

    Karahrr, with her curious nature, glanced at the screen. “What were you looking for?” he went back, retyping and properly getting the page working.

    “I’m looking for possible star system coordinates.” She blinked, expecting something more interesting.

    “Ah.” The screen flickered, getting past the ancient can’s attention, but not Karahrr. Subi smiled evilly from her position, watching them closely. “Erm, Vector Prime…” another confused glance was in her direction.

    “Eh?” The fox quickly typed in something and then put it down near the edge of the console, exiting.

    “Whatever may happen, I’m blaming you.” She answered, looking at the screen apprehensively. He looks at her, even more confused than before.

    “What on Earth are you talking about?” A light tune drifted through, eventually getting stronger, but at the moment still a whisper’s volume.

    "Down at an English fair,

    one evening I was there;

    when I heard a showman shouting, underneath the flair..."

    He didn’t seem to notice at all, and yet the tune was already enticing Karahrr to hit the mech for being so clueless, and to dance along to it. “You idiot! Are you deaf?” That same, aggravating confusion emanated towards her direction. Giving up on him, she half-shouted, “I love this one!”, making him even more confused, which was near impossible at that point.

    “Now what are you going on about?” he inquired, turning back to the screen in some semblance of normality. It took him some effort and attention span, but in the corner of it he saw a small, seemingly random-placed box that wasn’t on the screen prior. “What in Primus’ name is that?” A ticking noise emanating in around the same volume was the only warning. Then, whatever it was had hacked into the base’s audio systems, and music was blaring through the city.

    "I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts,

    there they are standing in a row,

    big ones, small ones, some as big as your head,

    give 'em a twist a flick of the wrist,

    that's what the showman said..."

    Vector Prime collapsed at the many decibels of song pounding at him, twitching. “Audio... Systems... Frying...

    Karahrr just nodded along to it, then after a moment’s realization, muttered, “Albeit a little addicting.” His groaning got her back to what she was there for: taunting and amusement. “Whatever is the problem, Vector Prime?” Subi’s cackling could be heard on the other side of the doorway.

    “MUAHAHAHAHAHA!” Not unlike his last experience with the two, he jumped to his feet in a flash of sanity, running out of the room to attempt to escape the circuit-frying song. When all was lacking of a certain pink mech, everyone’s faces were all grins. “Now that was highly amusing in itself.” Subi came back in from sitting at the wall, going and unplugging the datapad, stopping all music. The other presence on the floor dampened the victory for them, however. “I think Shiori’s audios fried from the song too…” They both gave here a blank look.

    “Well that’s not a good thing.” The fox just shrugged at Karahrr’s response.

    “It happens; not like we can do anything about it. She’ll catch up sooner or later.” Finding the scene very boring now that all the chaos was gone, she speedily made her way out of the room, the cat-mech not far behind, uttering a reassured, “indeed” at the fact. And down the street they went, scouting out possible extra victims for variety. But the main individuals wouldn’t have to be looked far for…

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