Minor/Repaint: Mods with Gear of War 2 LED Set

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    This is instructional video demonstrating 3 modifications you can do to the TFC-005 Gear of War Set 2. The first shows how improve Power-Up Prime's cannon, the second shows how to give Jolt light-up whips (like in the movie, but requires additional Lego pieces), and the last modification shows how to modify the smaller rifle so Classics Prime can actually hold it (requires 2 heat-shrink tubes of 1/8 and 3/16ths diameter, a single 6-32 set screw of 1/4'' length, a lighter/heat gun, and scissors).

    I hope you enjoy the video and I wish you the best of luck with these modifications. Kids - please as for your parents permission and help when using a lighter. As always, be careful with fire and don't burn yourself or your house down!

    YouTube - Mods for TFC-005 Gear of War 2 LED Set

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