Scratch Builds: Modifying and Building Heads with Wikkid: Installing a New Ball Joint

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    Installing a ball-jointed neck:

    This head is intended for a Masterpiece scaled Slag figure. I chose the Cybertron Primus head as it has some similarities to the head used on G1 Slag in areas such as a regular mouth, helmet detailing, and a similar crest:


    Using the MP-01 baseplate for the neck, I needed to find a ball joint that would snap tightly in place. I found a good, strong joint in an arm from an Energon Aerialbot guy:


    Be sure to check for transformation clearance before doing any cutting so as to plot out its location on the body:


    This connection allows for more movement on one side. Face the open end towards the back of the head. This will allow the head to have a lot of movement to allow the figure to look upwards:


    Notch out the back of the head to allow the replacement joint to fit snug and glue in place:


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