modern masters no 11: charles vess

Discussion in 'Comic Books and Graphic Novels' started by KA, Mar 25, 2007.

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    after picking up no. 10 kev maguire, i'd feel good enough to pick this one up. the readings a bit more esoteric compared to the maguire one, but engaging nevertheless.

    a lil intro prior, i was 1st exposed to vess wayback in that wendigo issue he did in ASM. its actually the only comic i have of c vess and i wouldve picked up spirits of the earth way back to, but elektra lives again intervened (hey, i was 14 back then, i could only afford so much HCs). but i recently picked it up last year on my london trip and it was pretty sweet (mmm, painty).


    loved all the referencing to peers and influences, it kinda gelled in my head where i'd lump said artist with so and so, and there were also the unexpected contemporaries. the name dropping is as follows:

    mike kaluta - im actually more familiar with this guys fantasy artwork, and that sickass tarot illos he did for sabbath tribute album, nativity in black.
    barry w smith (weapon x), bernie wrightson (batman the cult), sam kieth was mentioned, loved his stuff in alien.

    and the unexpected, more comic tradition influences like kirby, ditko and adams.

    i'm not to familiar with his fantasy work with gaiman for DC tho, so ill take their word for it.

    hey dude even did that man on iron cover for the TF US comic run, cool, totally forgot abt that, have the issue even, still.

    looking fwd to the michael golden volume.
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    I've been meaning to pick up the Bruce Timm Modern Masters, but havent yet.

    I also wish they would do one for Gene Colon.
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    I hope they do a BWS volume! I might have to check this one out.

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