Mobile Suit Gundam: The 10th MS team

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    this is my first Gundam Fanfic, plz tell me if this is the right place to post. and please comment! :D 

    “ Patrol again? Why can’t we ever be sent into the heat of battle?” Sheen complained. His commanding officer, Jake Corel, Watched his view screens.
    “ Theres nothing out here! Why cant we just go guard the city?” Sheen asked. Jake held his COM button,
    “ Because orders are orders so get over it, just deal with the task at hand.” Sheen sighed and stopped talking.
    “ Jason, how’s it goin’ over there?” Jake asked. Jason didn’t talk much; usually he just fought and followed orders.
    “ Fine sir.” He replied. The 10th MS team continued along their patrol route around the city. They walked slow, so not to make a lot of noise, and moved into a war torn town, they knew not its name.
    “ Hey, hey, hey, theres that city where the 6th team was destroyed.” Jake said. “ For the sake of safety, be on your toes.” Sheen chuckled. The 6th MS team had three GM’s, all with newbies in them, so it wasn’t unexpected to lose at least one, but the whole team including the hovertruck was destroyed.
    “ Whattaya think is out there? Couple of Zaku’s, or maybe a Rick Dom?” This time Jason chuckled. Jake held his COM down.
    “ Hey Jesse, you ok?” He asked his fourth member.
    “ Uh, yeah sir fine, just hangin back.” Jake smirked and continued to walk into the city.
    “ Anything on thermals Jesse?” Sheen asked. There was a pause.
    “ Nope, no enemies anywhere, from what I can tell.” Jake heard sheen sigh.
    “ Ready for some action, Eh Sheen?” Jake asked. Jesse snickered and Jason, he just stayed silent. They all seemed a little trigger happy as they entered the town.
    Jake gripped his RX-79 [G] GM’s controls and slowly turned to each road as they passed each intersection. The whole team had ground type GM’s, and were thankful to. The Mass production Regular GM was meant for ground and space. But being on earth most of their military career, they were lucky enough to have these.
    “ Boogey two o’clock!” Jason screamed over the COM. Jake turned his suit around and saw a three Gouf’s streak towards Jason. Two fired their gattling guns while the other attacked with his Broad sword.
    “ Hang on Jason!” Jesse screamed as she ran towards him. Bullets struck the dirt around her, sending dust into the wind. She rocketed to left and aimed her beam rifle, and fired twice.
    “ Take that you Monsters!” She screamed. Jake hefted his beam rifle and provided cover fire for Jesse. Sheen put away his 100mm machine gun and wielded his beam saber, blocking the lead Gouf’s attack. Jason rocketed backwards and found some cover. Jake Checked his scanners over and over as the battle raged on, making sure no other enemies were nearby.
    “ Jake! We have to pull back! Gouf’s are only for Zeon’s ACE pilots!” Jake’s heart sank. He hesitated.
    “ No! Continue to hole them off! We have to warn the base! That’s an order!” He added.
    “ Aye, sir.” The two other Gouf’s fell back into the city, still firing. While sheen and the lead Gouf duked it out with their swords.
    “ Man! ARGG! This guy is freakin insane!” Sheen grunted over the COM. “ Every move I make he counters it! Really well too!” Jake turned on his jets and rocketed left, towards Jesse. She was firing shots into the city, hitting the buildings as the Gouf’s dodged.
    “ Jesse! You’re with me! Jason! Provided cover fire for us, and help sheen if he needs it!”
    “Aye!’ They said in unison. Jake and Jesse ran into the city, firing at the retreating Gouf’s.
    “ That’s odd.” Jesse said. “ Gouf’s don’t retreat unless… Crap! Jake fall back! Theres more of them out there!” Jake stopped immediately.
    “ Huh? More Gouf’s? I don’t have anything on my-“ Bullets whizzed passed his MS and Swiss cheezed the buildings around them.
    “ Retreat! More Zeek’s! Zaku’s!” Jake screamed as he and Jesse retreated. Jason fired over their shoulders and sheen and the lead Gouf were still add it.
    “ Sheen! Retreat! Zaku’s are at our heels!”
    “ Unggh! Im a little busy! In case you haven’t noticed!” Sheen grunted.
    “ Get red of him! Or you’re dead!” Sheen sighed as he blocked the Gouf’s blow; he then reached for his Machine gun and lit up the Gouf’s torso, sending him to the ground.
    “ HEY! I did it! I actually did it!” He screamed. He turned and ran off with the others.
    “ Nice one sheen! Enough of a fight for you?” Jake asked as they retreated to base.
    “ Naw, he never stood a chance! I was clearly the better soldier!” He said proudly. Jake and Jesse sighed.
    “ That’s Sheen for you.” Jesse chuckled.
    “ You ok Jason?” Jesse asked.
    “ Fine. My MS is in one piece.” Jake started to laugh.
    “ Sir?” Jason asked.
    “ We just outran forty Zaku’s. How sad is that.” Jason let out a small laugh, Jesse laughed and Sheen laughed hysterically.
    “ Sheen?” Jake asked.
    “ Was I the only one that got a kill?” He asked, half laughing.
    “ Shut it Sheen!” Jesse said. Jake laughed.
    “ Yes you did get the only kill. Then I guess you qualify to tell the commander what happened out here.” Jesse giggled. Jason grinned.
    “ Yes I, wait! Why do I have to do it? You’re the Squad commander!” Sheen complained.
    “ You got the only kill. So you tell the commander.” Sheen stopped talking for the rest of the trip back to base.

    The following days weren’t quite as exciting as the day before, but the 10th MS team was trying to make the best of it.
    “ So, Whatta we got to do today?” Sheen asked as Jesse walked away from the command tent.
    “ Well, we have to do maintenance on our GM’s, and get ready to be redeployed to,” She checked the roster. “ The Floridian region.” Jason let out a whoop.
    “ So around Florida? Ah Central America. Least we wont freeze our butts off like the 5th team.” Jesse giggled and they walked over to their Mobile suits and began to work on them.

    The 10th team is stationed in Southeast Asia; the sun isn’t that forgiving in this part of earth. So outside of the AC in the barracks and the Mess hall isn’t fun.

    Jason began to whistle as he worked on his mobile suit, he plunged his wrench inside the cockpit and began to work on some systems.
    “ What’s that your whisltin Jason?” Sheen asked.
    “ Oh, that, well its what my dad used to sing whenever he would work on something, figured id learn it.” He replied. Jake smiled and continued to work.
    “ Hey guys, how did those Zeek’s get their troops here without us noticing?” Jesse asked as she tightened a blot on her GM’s shoulder.
    “ Dunno, but Im glad WE don’t have to deal with them.” He stated, “ But I hope our guys can hold them off here.” He shrugged. Jesse lowered herself down to her mobile suit’s cockpit.
    “ But you have to admit, that was a lot of mobile suits in one place, and the way those three Gouf’s attacked, it was like a perimeter blockade.” Jason rambled. Jesse snickered. Jake smiled and shook his head.

    The 10th MS team continued to work for the rest of the night, until they had to load their mobile suits onto the dropship.
    Jake grabbed hold of his ball cap as a gust of wind blew across the base. Night surrounded the base and darkened the green army tents.
    “ Hey Jake! Wait up!” Jesse shouted over the noise. Jake turned around, smiled and waited for her. She was wearing her Federation uniform, standard skirt and jacket, followed by an army cap.
    “ You guys ready to leave?” He asked with a grin. She stopped next to him.
    “ Well I am, I don’t know about Jason, he seems a little attached.” She snickered.
    “ I heard that Jesse, now get movin or that damn thing will leave without us.” Jason said, his Jacket slung over his shoulder. Jake gave a small smile and followed him. Sheen approached them from the dropship.
    “ Great, so I get the only kill yesterday and I get ignored while you three get to chit chat.” Sheen said, his arms crossed.
    “ Get on the ship Sheen, before your head meets my fist.” Jason said. Sheen raised and eyebrow.
    “ Is that right big boy?” Sheen asked, half kidding. Jason dropped the bag he was carrying. Sheen began to laugh.
    “ You see the look on his face?” He chuckled.
    “ You thought I was serious!” Jason growled and shoved him out of the way. Jake laughed and walked onto the ship, followed by Jesse.

    Jason strapped himself in with an empty seat next to him. Sheen strolled up to him and sat down.
    “ Hey! Get outta here, theres plenty of free seats.” Sheen snorted and continued to buckle himself in.
    “ What’s the big deal Jason?” Jake said as he walked passed and sat down next to Jesse. Jesse giggled.
    “ He's annoyin Jake! He gonna be pullin crap all the way to Florida.” He slid down in his seat.
    “ Those two are something else, they fight well but they can’t get along.” Jake said, half laughing. Jesse nodded her head in agreement.
    “ So who’s our commanding officer at the Floridian base?”
    “ CO Thomas Keppler.” She replied as she took off her cap.
    “ I’ve heard of him, he’s one of the federation’s ace mobile suit pilots.” There was a bump on jakes seat.
    “ GET the hell off Sheen! And get red of that freakin thing, it’s aggravatin me!” Jason shouted. Sheen was laughing hysterically. “ Come on! Just a mustache!” Jake turned around “ What in the name of god?” Sheen had a Sharpie marker and was obviously trying to draw a thick mustache on Jason’s face.
    “ Sheen, come on! Leave the guy alone, Im glad you aren’t like this on the battle field.” Jake said as he turned around. Sheen stopped, and then went towards Jason, Jason flinched and blocked himself with a pillow. Sheen laughed like crazy. Jason grunted and then tried to go to sleep.
    Jake turned back around and looked over to Jesse. She was silently sleeping next to him. Jake smiled and put his coat over her. He then to started to fall asleep.

    The next morning was bright and beautiful, the sun shined bright over the Floridian base as they approached the landing site. The bulky carrier landed on the designated platform and set dust flying around it.
    “ Bout time we got here.” Jason said as he got up, not noticing the thick black mustache on his face. Jesse looked over to him and began to snicker.
    “ What? What’s so funny?” He asked, annoyed. He hesitated then looked over to Sheen.
    “ If you aren’t outta here by the time I count to ten. Im gonna beat you senseless.” Sheen stopped laughing and bolted out of the ship. Jake stood up and shook his head.
    “ You two are the reason I don’t smoke.” He said as he walked by. Jason smirked and followed him. Jesse was soon behind.
    “ You know this is mighty big compared to the Southeast Asia base.” Sheen said. For once Sheen was right. The buildings were taller, more troops on base, and the largest airstrip he had ever seen. Jake stopped besides Sheen and whistled.
    “ Holy, big upgrade from the Southeast Asia base eh?” Jake stated. Jesse yawned and stood besides Jason.
    “ I wonder why they sent us here. I mean its not like we’re the best MS team out here.” She said sneaking a yawn. Jason raised an eyebrow at her, and then started to walk towards the base. Jake and Sheen followed, with Jesse at their heels.
    They approached the commander’s tent and proceeded inside. They walked in and stood at attention. CO Thomas Keppler stood up from his desk and walked over to them.
    “ So, you’re the 10th MS team?” He asked, already knowing the answer.
    “ Yes sir!” Jake replied. Keppler raised an eyebrow.
    “ Are you their commanding officer?”
    “ Yes sir! Lt. Jake Corel sir.” Jake replied. Keppler, impressed by the enthusiasm smiled.
    “ Welcome to the Floridian base. You mobile suits are being unloaded as we speak. Our engineers will outfit them with new parts for you.” He said with a warm welcome.
    “ Uh, thank you sir, but my team and I prefer to do our own repairs and installments on our mobile suits.” Jake stated. “ If that’s ok with you sir.” He added.
    “ Of course. Ill get my engineers to get you the parts and equipment.” Keppler replied. Jake smiled and he and his team walked out of the tent.
    “ He’s nice.” Jesse said as they exited the tent. Jake let out a small laugh.
    “ Maybe a little to nice.” He said. Sheen was trying to hold back a laugh.
    “ What Sheen?” Sheen was almost crying and he couldn’t hold it in any longer.
    “ Did you see that picture in his tent? That was a fugly old goat!” Sheen said laughing. Jason frowned.
    “ That was his father.” Now Jake started to laugh.
    “ Wow Sheen, good thing he didn’t here you.” Sheen smiled and stopped talking. They finally reached their Mobile suits and began to work.
    Jake was the first to reach his GM; he jumped onto its leg and then into the cockpit.
    “ Do a systems check guys, we have a drill in the morning member?” Jake ordered. He flipped a couple switches and put on his headset.
    “ You guys hear me?”
    “ Load and clear.” Jason replied.
    “ Same.” Sheen and Jesse replied in unison.
    “ Ok lets get to work.” He stated to his team. He turned on his view screens and looked around.
    “ Jason get your beam cannon ready. Sheen, get you Machine gun reloaded.”
    “ Aye.” They said in unison.
    “ Ok let’s end it there guys, first thing tomorrow is our drill.” Jake and the others got out and began to pack up.
    “ Man it’s hot out here even at night.” Sheen said. Jason shook his head.
    “ Cause its Florida dipstick.” Jake grinned. Jesse stopped working and began to walk to the barracks. Jake looked over at Jason. He ushered him to go follow her. Jake pointed at himself and looked around.
    “ Me?” He asked half kidding. Jason frowned.
    “ Yes dammit you.” Jake sighed and ran after her.
    “ Jesse wait up!” He shouted as he ran. She turned around and waited for him.
    “ Look who decided to show up.” She said with a snicker.
    “ Hey Jason told me to.” He said with a laugh.
    “ Come on lets go. It’s getting late.” They walked towards the barracks, opened the door and parted ways to each other’s bunks.

    “ See? Why can’t you or I find someone?” Jason asked Sheen, who was lying relaxed on his GMs Leg.
    “ Dunno big guy, But I don’t need anyone.” Jason snorted.
    “ I know why, cause no one can stand you.” Sheen frowned.
    “ Well, no one wants to be with you cause.. cause. Aww shut up.” Sheen crossed his arms. Jason started to laugh.

    Lights blared on the roof of the barracks as the crew slept. Jake rolled over and let his arm slide off his cot. Jason was a few feet away and was snoring loudly. Sheen was up, and had a feather and some shaving cream. He had place the shaving cream in one of Jason’s hands, and was prodding his nose with the feather. Finally Jason went to scratch it with his foam-covered hand and smeared it all over his face.
    “ SHEEN!!” He screamed. Jake woke up startled and some of the other soldiers.
    “ What the hell?” Some of them asked as they turned on the lights. Jake looked over at Jason and started to laugh like crazy.
    “ Nice beard.” Jason snorted.
    “ Not another word Jake.” Some of the other soldiers saw it to and started to laugh. Suddenly a huge explosion blew through the windows looking onto the airstrip.
    “ Zeek’s!” Get up!” A commander came in and shouted.
    “ Holy! Jason come on! We gotta get to the GM’s!” Jason threw off his blankets and threw on his army jacket, flowed by Sheen.
    “ Where’s Jesse?!” Jake asked, coming to a halt.
    “ She out here come on!” Jason shouted. Jake hesitated and ran after them. Twenty Zeon Zaku’s were attacking the base.
    “ Get to the GM’s!” Jake shouted. They reached them, strapped in and began to get up.
    “ Ok guys stay sharp, we have to get these guys away from the base.” Jake said over the COM.
    Jake hefted his Beam rifle and targeted one of the Zaku’s. He let out a burst of three shots and struck it in the arm.
    “ Stay as a team guys! Well need all the help we can get!” Jesse rocketed to the left and hit a Zaku in the torso, sending it to the ground.
    “ Nice shot Jesse!” Jake shouted as he crippled another Zaku.
    “ Hey Sheen I need help over here!” Jason shouted. A Zaku II lunged and loped off on of his arm.
    “ Hang on big guy Im comin!” Sheen shouted as he rocketed over to him. Suddenly an explosion knocked Jake off his feet, he got up and looked around. Three Gouf’s erupted through the command tower along the airstrip.
    “ Incoming Gouf’s!” Jason shouted. Jake swung his suit around and wielded his beam saber and ran towards the leader.
    “ Jake! You’ll be killed!” Jesse shouted. Jake snorted, he ignited his beam saber and slashed at the leader. The lead Gouf blocked with his broad sword and his compatriots flew around them and attacked Jake’s teammates.
    “ Watch out guys! Two Gouf’s incoming!” He screamed. So far Jake and the Gouf ace were evenly matched. Jake hacked and slashed but the Gouf kept blocking every blow.
    “ God damn it! Try this on for size!” Jake rocketed backward, hefted his beam rifle and fired. It hit the Gouf in the shoulder, sending it staggering.
    “ For the Federation!” He screamed as he rocketed towards him and stabbed. Jake struck him in the same wound from his beam rifle and left it there. Jake swung around and rammed him with his shoulder, knocking him over. Jake then hefted his beam rifle and fired three shots into his torso.
    “ Damn Zeek.” He said. Jason stood, firing his 100mm machine gun, with his Beam cannon on his back.
    “ Nice job Jake! You’ll make ace yet!” Jake rocketed over to him and hefted his beam rifle and began to cover Sheen and Jesse.
    “ Jesse! Look out Zaku II’s to your left!” Jason shouted. Before she could see what hit her it rammed her GM and knocked Jesse through a building.
    “ AHH! Get up! Come on get up!” Jake’s heart sank.
    “ Damn it, Jason cover me!” Jake ran towards the wreckage and shot off the attacking Zaku’s head.
    “ Jesse get out of here!” He said as he held off another Gouf.
    “ Jesse! Come on!” He shouted. Jake heard a groan on the COM.
    “ Jake…. Im sorry.” Jake’s eyes got big.
    “ Jesse! NO! Get out of the GM!” He shouted. Jake then looked over to her GM and saw the reactor sparking.
    “ SHIT! Jesse come on! Get out of there!” Jason ran over and thwarted a Zaku’s attempt to kill Jake. Jake then dove on top of Jesse’s GM and opened his cockpit. He then lowered himself and opened hers.
    “ Grab my hand!” Jesse sat awkward in her seat. She looked up and grabbed his hand, Jake pulled her up. He put her behind his seat and strapped himself in.
    “ I got her Jason! Where’s Sheen?!” Jake shouted as he stood his mobile suit up.
    “ Jake.. thanks.” She said rather weak.
    “ No problem, that’s what Im here for.” Jake said as he ran away from the center of the battle.
    “ Im taking her to the med tent! Hold them off you two!” He shouted over the COM. Jake pushed his boosters to full and rocketed towards the medical tent. He approached it and skidded to a halt. Jake knelt the GM and opened the Cockpit door.
    “ HEY! She needs help!” He shouted as he lowered himself down, with Jesse on his back. Jake handed her over to the field medics and got back into his mobile suit.
    “ Im comin you guys!” He shouted and rocketed over to them. Jason was dueling a Gouf and Sheen was blasting some Zaku’s.
    “ Bout time! I could use some help!” Sheen grunted as he loped a Zaku in half.
    “ We can’t win this! WE have to retreat!” Jason shouted. Jake shook his head.
    “ We can’t. We have to continue fighting.” Jake said. Jason snorted.
    “ Look man, just because Jesse is hurt, doesn’t mean you have to go pullin shit that you wouldn’t normally pull.” Jason stated. Jake turned and ran towards some Zaku’s and attacked.
    “ Jake! Come on man we have to retreat! Sheen guard the retreating soldiers! I’ll be right there!” Jason ordered.
    “ Jason! Get these guys off me! Im going back to guard the CO’s jet!” He shouted. Jason smiled.
    “ Ok! Lets show these guys what we can do!” He shouted. Jason hefted his beam cannon and fired heavily at the oncoming Zaku’s.
    “ AHHH!!” He screamed as he fired. Jake rocketed over to Commander Keppler’s jet. But he was to late, Zaku’s were already firing at the jet as it took off, and eventually struck its rear, sending it tumbling to the ground.
    “ NO! You monsters!” He shouted. Jake rocketed towards them and slashed one with his extra beam saber. It fell and exploded. Jake then turned and blasted the second Zaku with his beam rifle.
    “ Bad news guys. The CO is dead. Get everyone to the ship. Its over.” Jake said as he ran towards the evacuation carrier.
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    oh, but its non transformers so.... i figured.....
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    oh and this isnt all of it, im writing more

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