MMS: Threat Assesment

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    * I'm not trying to step on any Pic Fic toes here, this is out of respect for both Burnout and Grimlock_13

    Part One

    Somewhere in between the Multiverse.

    The council was already convened in the MMS Command. Among those attending where Supreme Commander Railgun

    " Gentelemen," began Railgun." First, old business, it is the findings of this council that the Miracle Code is safe in it's adopted dimension at this time."
    " Agreed," replied General Payload. " and any action against Field Commander Dom?" Refeering to Dom's failure to secure the Vocaloid from it's defenders.
    " He is right now reassigned to track the threat of Necrotron."
    " Noted."
    " Second; the potential threat posed by the Lieges. To continue, observational Commander Char will have the floor."

    A Crimson mech then walked into the light. It was heavily armed, possesing some scars from another lifetime of conflict in it's home universe.
    " Thank you sirs," replied Char " all attempts to get a close readings on the Lieges are met with disentegrations. At least 3 probes where destroyed by security before they could get a scan on even one Liege, much less all of them. You'll note that they are doing something on this particualr Cybertron. My fellow scientist, Strikefire, noticed that there is a sharp energy increase around the planets surface."
    " Increase for what?" interjected General Cinder. " do we know at this time what their plans are?"
    " Nothing concrete. We do know that Dekatron has enslaved the planet and the Decepticons in general. Most of the key players on both sides have been eliminated by the Lieges during their rise to power. As of now, the less we know, the more danger we're in."

    End Part One

    **Yes, Char is based on the Char's Zaku from Gundam, while Cinder is based on Cybertrons Scourge, Railgun is right now in my head based on the SDF 1/ Macross Fortress.

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