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    For those of you who are Power Rangers fans and have been collecting since the show first started, this thread is just for you. As most of you might and might not know, Bandai put out a line of automorphin figures, aka fliphead figures, right when the MMPR brand first got started. The figures had basic points of articulation in the upper and lower arms and legs, and the elbows could rotate 360 degrees. You press the belt buckle and the figure "morphs" from teenager to Power Ranger. They had pretty good articulation and very nice paint applications. Then MMPR The Movie came out. They released special edition flipheads, but with a major flaw in them: their arms were out at least 1 inch from the body and could still move like the normal figures, but not able to rest at the sides of the Rangers like the normal ones. The arms were basically in a fixed position, and any attempt to force them to the sides would possibly break them. They basically look good as figures, but that arm problem makes them look like they're ready for crucifixion.

    Last night I fixed that flaw, and now I'm going to share the secret with you. Here's what you'll need.

    Any of the Movie fliphead Rangers, or even a full set of them.
    A very small Philips screwdriver.
    Something with a pointed angular edge, like a hobby knife or a box cutter.
    Time and patience.

    Now, the first thing you'll want to do is take the figure and flip it around so that the back is facing you. Next, on the back of the arms, there's a screw holding together both halves of the upper arm. Go ahead and remove that using the Philips screwdriver. Once you take apart both halves, the lower arm will fall off. This is okay. Now, with the inside of the front half of the upper arm facing you, you'll see a very small tab that would normally line up with the crescent shaped slot in the circular piece that serves as a shoulder for the Ranger. Go ahead and carefully break off the tab as best as you can. Then go in and smooth the area down with the box cutter or hobby knife. Once you have it smoothed down, reattach the pieces of the upper and lower arm like normal, and secure it back in place with the screw you removed. Then repeat the process with the other arm as well as the other figures.

    The key is that the tab I talked about a few sentences up goes into a crescent moon-shaped slot inside of a circular piece for each Ranger. Normally, the piece is cut a little better so the arms can rest to the side, but for reasons even I can't imagine, Bandai made it so the figure's arms would sit at a very off angle. I dealt with this problem when I first got my figures from jtwhoib, and just last night I corrected it. The figures don't lose any articulation, but gain about an inch if not a little less, and they retain their tightness once that tab is removed. Which is another thing.

    I hope this tutorial helps! And sorry for posting it here, its just that I couldn't post in the How-Tos section, so if a mod can please put it there, that'd be great!

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