Misterfanwank's Webdiver Reviews: Phoenikon, Jaguaon, the Dogs, Griffon, and Gladion

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    Webdiver is a sister series of Transformers by Takara. These are all transforming and they're pretty damn cool, although some are duds, like Griffon.

    This is Phoenikon. I adore this figure:

    Webdiver Phoenikon Toy Review - YouTube

    This is Jaguaon. He's pretty cool:

    Webdiver Jaguaon Toy Review - YouTube

    These are the Dogs, Ortorion and Kerberion, who form Golemon. They're OK.

    Webdiver Ortorion, Kerberion, and Golemon Toy Review - YouTube

    The star of the series, Gladion:

    Webdiver Gradion Review - YouTube

    This is Griffon, the awful one:

    Webdiver Griffon Toy Review - YouTube

    And as a bonus, this is my review of DeathSpecter, who is from Daigunder, a sister series of Webdiver and Transformers:

    Daigunder Deathspecter Toy Review - YouTube
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