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    Transformers 3

    N.E.S.T. crew is on review for disobeying presidential order. Simmons is in straight jacket next to two guards with bandages on, victims of Simmons attempt to escape. Camera pans in to American flag pin. Pin transforms and exposes tiny mesh from microphone.
    Back at undisclosed Autobot hideout Optimus Prime and Wheeljack listen intently to a small device.

    Optimus: “The device made it passed the EMP field with no problems. Good work Wheeljack. As usual you arrive when we need you the most.”

    Wheeljack: “Oh ye of little faith.”

    The trial is not going well. The speaker is talking about how the Autobots must be forced back into space by any means. This does not sit well with Ironhide. He cocks his weapons. Sideswipe nods in agreement and sprigs a blade. Both look to Optimus.

    Ironhide: “I’d love to seem em try.”

    Optimus glances nervously at Ironhide and Sideswipe and sighs.

    Optimus walks over to a huge bank of monitors and readouts. Blaster sits at the consoles, long length of cables plugged into his head.

    Optimus: “Anything?”

    Blaster: “Not plating nor antennae on the Decepticons, Prime. Where ever Megatron bugged out to he did it quick and quiet.”

    Optimus: “(exhales frustrated) Any word from the infiltration team?”

    Blaster: “Seaspray, Warpath, and Hound were in pretty deep. They are probably trying to keep below the radar.”

    Wheeljack steps over to the consoles.

    Wheeljack: “Both literally and figuratively. The signal dampeners I had installed should keep them from being detected, but these humans are remarkably resourceful when they need to be.”

    Mudflap and Skids chime in from off camera.

    Skids: “Why don’t you let us in there?”

    The twins are connected to a large pair of stasis pods. Cables and monitors surround them.

    Mudflap: “Yeah, don’t you remember? We took out that big mother all by ourselves!”

    Skids: “course the humans did a bit.”

    Mudflap: “ Yeah, with the gun.”

    Skids: “Yeah. And he did kind of eat you, that smell don’t wash off you know.”

    Optimus steps over.

    Optimus: “I remember, but I also remember you put yourselves and others in danger. I admire your courage, but your lack of control; It’s not something we can rely on in battle.”

    The Twins begin to object, but Wheeljack joins Prime.

    Wheeljack: “These simulation pods will give you all the training you need. Years of experiences can be absorbed in days. You two will be our cavalry.”

    Mudflap looks to Skids with a broad smile on his face.

    Mudflap: “You hear that? We get horses!”

    Skids and Mudflap bump knuckles as Wheeljack flips a switch and the Twins fall limp as the pod door closes.


    College campus. Sam is unpacking and talking on the cell phone.

    Sam: “Yes mom. Yes…. No, I think I have enough.” (Sam opens a large suitcase filled entirely with underwear and rolls his eyes) She’s fine to, she’s looking for an apartment up here.”

    Sam’s mom is on the phone while Sam’s dad carrys suit cases out of the house (still under construction)

    Sam’s Mom: “Aww she wants to be closer to you.”

    Sam pauses and looks nervous

    Sam: “I wish. I think she’s scared. Who could blame her. With Meg..”

    Sam’s mom (panicked): “Change of subject! How is Leon?”

    A Horn honks outside. Sam goes to the window. Outside is a crappy yellow camero.

    Sam: “I don’t think he’s coming back to school, Mom I gotta go my (horn honks again) freakin… other line is ringing. I love you too, tell dad (horn honks , playing the Transformers (more than meets the eye) song) damn it! really?! Mom I gotta…“

    Sam’s mom: “I’ll tell him hun. Say hi to the “appliences” for us.”

    Sam’s mom hangs up the phone with a sigh. Sam’s Dad, wearing a beret, slides up behind her from off camera and hugs her.

    Sam’s Dad: “Ready for Paris: Take 2?”

    Sam’s mom spins and kisses him.

    Sam’s Mom: “Oui!”

    Back at college Sam runs to the camaro and jumps in.

    Sam: “Wow B I know that was a heck of a fight but you have really let yourself go. What are you doing here?”

    A voice crackles over the radio: “You are far too trusting, human.”

    The doors lock and the car peels out and speeds down the road.

    Deep in space, on a moon of Saturn, the crashed Decpticon ship lay.
    Megatron holds a fragment of the allspark in his claw. Starscream digs through piles of rubble. Scalpel “The Doctor” scavenges parts from burst protoform pods.

    Megatron: The Fallen… Bah! He sat in this chair for years, Fearing Prime, and I followed him… Why?

    Starscream (under his breath): Funny I ask myself that same question a lot.

    Satrscream truns to see Megatron has made his way directly behind him.

    Megatron: “I have watched my most loyal leutenants cut down on that pathetic rock. By him, by Optimus Prime and yet here you stand, not a scratch on you.”

    Megatron grabs Starscream by the neck and a large cannon forms directly in front of Starscream’s face.

    Megatron: “Why do you suppose that is, Starscream?”

    Starscream: “Certainly not for a lack of loyalty lord Megatron (trails off into gibbering and begging)”

    Scalpel pops up a small dish from his back and cocks his head, as if he has heard something. Scalpel scurries onto Starscream’s chest as Megatron’s cannon warms up.

    Scalpel: “Gentlemen, as desperate for spare parts as we are, I do not think fighting among ourselves would be production. Soundwave beckons, with news.”

    Megatron drops Starscream and stomps to a monitor and punches a few buttons. Soundwave appears on a monitor.

    Megatron: “Soundwave report!”

    Scene cuts to Soundwave still attached to a military satellite.

    Soundwave: “Undetected by United States military forces. Discovery of conections into other satilites. Reconisences continues.

    Megatron (with a grin): “They spy on each other.”

    Starscream (coughing): “Huh, the humans may not be all bad.”

    Soundwave: “Report continues: Alternate Energon production method met with success. Transmitting details.”

    Back at the Decepticon ship a holographic generator projects details of Soundwave’s experiments. A Purple outline, cube shaped, appears. At each corner a tiny beam emitter acts as links on the cube.

    Soundwave: “Samples obtained by Ravage unit processed. Carbon based fuels and raw electrical energy can be contained within modified electromagnetic grid (display shows raw fuel filling cube. Compression and fusion within grid (energon cube collapses and combines with other collapsed cubes) produces trace energon. Process repeatable on larger scale.”

    Megatron: “Excellent Soundwave

    A Cube of solid purple energon fades out on the viewer. Megatron turns to the doctor and hands him the allspark fragment.

    Megatron: “Doctor, we need some new troops. Prepare as many protoforms as you can.”

    Scalpel: “There is very little to work with but, I will do my best Lord Megatron”

    Megtron activates another monitor and begins flipping through images of different military vehicles.

    Megatron: “Starscram and I will proceed to the planet and collect as much raw fuel as we can to create energon cubes to bring my army online. Every circuit in my processors screams in protest, but I believe it is time I choose a form not unfamiliar to the humans. When their destruction crashes down upon them, it will be in the guise of their own creation.”
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    That's good, great job!

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