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    I thought I'd create a single thread to let you all know about several news stories which we broke over at Transformers At The Moon in the last week that have been seemingly missed by everyone else.

    First up there was our report from last weekends advance UK Transformers previews which included details of another blooper from the film. This was followed by news that the latest issue of The Beano comes with a free Transformers sticker album and stickers.

    We also reported on how much the Transformers movie took in China in its first week (July 11th through July 17th), with several quotes.

    Then there was the Japanese Transformers premier which took place on Tuesday. Michael Bay and Josh were in attendance as were several Japanese stars of TV and film. from the images I've seen of the event the fans were there in droves and everyone had a great time.

    We attended the VIP Screening of the Transformers movie in London on tuesday night ourselves. During the event we managed to speak to our contacts at Paramount Pictures who told us about how the Transformers Movie performed during the two day advance previews here in the UK.
    The VIP screening was another invitation only event for 170 people consisting of celebs, glossy mags and general paparazzi. We have a list of some of the celebs who were
    in attendance in this news report. Pictures from the event will appear in UK tabloids from tomorrow as there is an embargo on them, but some sites such as ITV and Hello Magazine have already put up reports and several other media images are also available for purchase from the usual media outlets.

    Our 5th screening of the movie allowed us to pick up on even more bloopers which you can find here.

    Those UK based fans may want to know that Woolworths are giving away a Transformers Scanner Radio when you spend over £10 on Transformers items. Not sure if this is just online or also in stores, I dont work near a Woolies anymore.

    We're running our third Transformers Movie giveaway competition, more prizes should hopefully be added in the next few days, but as you can guess, its a busy week for a lot of people at the moment.

    Finally, this morning we revealed that there will now be 940 prints of the Transformers Movie being shown at cinemas tomorrow. Advance previews are tonight, but not everywhere.

    We'll have news on this coming weekends UK takings just as soon as the figures come in.
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