Miscellanous Junkers FS/T - G1, G2, BM, BW, Cybertron

Discussion in 'The Junk Pit' started by Triformis, Aug 25, 2009.

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    Hello, all! This is my first time attempting to sell/trade in the Junk Pit, but by far my first time dealing on these boards as the link to my feedback thread via my sig. will attest to. Usually, I put down prices, but I am not looking for much and have no prices in mind this time, so name it! I'll also "rip" pieces off for your customizing needs and sell it that way.

    Check it out!

    Pic 1:
    -G1 - Groundbreaker - front half of pretender shell only - bit dirty with minor wear, but good, otherwise

    -G1 - Nosecone - cone a bit mangled, Autobot heat emblem damaged somewhat, some paint wear, missing weapon, but joints are good

    -G2 - Snarl - missing most of left side of body, missing tail + back half of back plates, moderate paint wear and loose joints on front half of body - good for parts

    Pic 2:
    -Beast Machines - Striker (the stegosaurus) - missing 2 side body pieces, 2 plates from back, and tail/weapon, but great, otherwise

    -Beast Wars - Transmetal Airazor - missing bird arms/robot legs and landing gear, moderate paint wear, but good otherwise

    -Beast Wars -Wolfang (the wolf) - missing back/shield, tail, and gun, missing left robot arm and left wolf leg, minor paint wear, but quite nice, otherwise

    -Cybertron - Supreme Starscream - SOLD

    I take Paypal as well as cash, M.O.s, and checks, but the latter 2 must clear into my bank first before I ship anything out. As it says above, I am also interested in trades (and not just for toys), so send over a "Haves" list and let's see what you've got because I am always looking for random stuff. However, my policy is that the person with the least feedback sends first. Lastly, I always ship via USPS unless specified otherwise and you can choose the service. I also will ship worldwide and for U.S. orders I always add a DC# free of charge for peace of mind and require it on trades for the same reason.
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