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    Jun 24, 2008
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    Just found some more stuff I could stand to part with-

    Marvel Comic Cards
    series 2 - complete minus holograms
    series 3- complete minus holograms
    series 4-complete with holograms
    (buy them all together and I'll even send em in sleeves in a binder for you)

    X-men Series 1-complete with 3 of 5 holograms
    X-men Series 2-complete minus holograms
    (same deal here as the others)

    Comic Books
    Transformers series 1 issue 1 incentive cover
    Transforers series 2 issue 1 incentive cover

    Flash Lio Convoy, complete with instructions, no box though

    Matrix Figures
    Morpheous (series 1, the one that fits with the twins)
    Twin 2
    Series 1 Neo
    Series 1 Trinity
    Real World Neo
    Series 2 Morpheous

    Just make me some offers, I'll update this list as I find more misc stuff to sell

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