MISC MISB Transformers For Auction (Robot Heroes, BW, Cybertron, Classics)

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    I've listed a few of my MISB items up for auction, you can click on my link to the left or follow it here:


    Of note to Transfans:

    1 x Robot Heroes Decepticon Sneak Attack 5-pack MISB
    1 x Robot Heroes Unicron and Matrix Optimus Prime MISB
    1 x Robot Heroes Autobot Jazz and Thundercracker MISB
    1 x Transformers Classics Wal-Mart Exclusive Devastator MISB
    1 x Transformers Movie Target Exclusive 3-piece set of Arcee, Hardtop and Signal Flare Scout Figures
    1 x Transformers Cybertron MISB Supreme Figure Starscream

    For any anime fans:

    1 x complete Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT US Released DVD's

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