MISB Encore 17 Cassettes Volume 2 $50 shipped

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Victorysabre, Oct 6, 2009.

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    MISB Encore Ratbat, Slugfest, Steeljaw and Ramhorn. $50 shipped in the US. Or if trading is more your speed, I am looking for:

    Micromaster Hyperdrive
    Micromaster Countdown base (complete - no box needed)
    Micromaster Skystalker base (complete - no box needed)
    Brainmaster Braver (complete - no box needed)
    Monster Pretender Icepick gun and Monstructor foot
    Dinoforce Doryu, Gairyu, Yokuryu, Rairyu (complete - no boxes needed)

    And yes I know which of those I would need to pay money for in addition to the Cassettes. I would take Hyperdrive, the two Icepick accessories, and a little cash and call it an even trade. I would consider Countdown an even trade for the Encore set since I've seen boxed Countdowns sell for around $50 lately. Skystalker and the Japanese figures I would give the Encore set and a bit of money for.

    So yeah, trade, buy, either way, help me save some Ebay listing fees. :) 

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