MISB BW/BWII/Neo items and more

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    Up for sale are MISB Beast Wars Neo items.
    They are all in mint condition unless otherwise stated (pics coming soon)
    All offers welcome and Paypal only please. All items are in the UK but postage overseas can be arranged, but be prepared for possible high shipping charges!

    And on the off chance you wanted to do me a favour and buy all of them together as a job lot £700, I'll throw in a free DSi and a MISB Black Armada Unicron

    MISB Beast Wars Neo VS-37 Sharpedge vs Hardhead
    MISB Beast Wars Neo VS-35 Big Convoy vs Magmatron

    MISB Beast Wars Neo C29 Longrack
    MISB Beast Wars Neo C30 Cohrada
    MISB Beast Wars Neo C31 Stampy
    MISB Beast Wars Neo C34 Randy
    MISB Beast Wars Neo D34 Crazybolt

    MISB Beast Wars II C12 Apache (one side of the tape has lost it 'stick' and there is a tear on the top of the box)
    MISB Beast Wars II C13 Bighorn
    MISB Beast Wars II C19 Powerhug

    MISB Beast Wars C19 Tonbot
    MISB Beast Wars C21 Drill bit/Drill nuts

    MIB Beast Wars Rattrap vs Terrorsaur

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask!
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    you have been pm'd

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