MISB - Bruticus 2000 giftset (Takara RID) & Landfill giftset(Takara metallic plastic)

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    both combiner giftsets feature better plastics and show-accurate paint / color schemes, unlike the US releases. Official Takara Japan imports, not Korean sonokong.

    very, very rare sealed Takara Bruticus 2000/Ruination - MISB.
    Set features better paint schemes that are RID show-accurate and decals that were missing in the US release. (examples are desert camo tank instead of light blue tank, gold/yellow/silver combiner armor instead of dark grey/black armor, metal blue helicoptor with white fade paint, instead of all flat, dark purple chopper. The list of improvements goes on...)

    $99 + 10 shipping in USA

    rare Takara Landfill (Buildking) - 4 construction vehicles transform to Autobots and combine to form Landfill. These feature better metallic sparkle/ show accurate paint schemes and metallic sparkle plastics and do not have the big, poorly placed Autobot symbols as on the US release (such as a big sign covering the crane's side window)

    $41 + 10 shipping in the USA.

    At these prices, I don't make any profit, but pass it on to you as if you picked these up in 2001 like I did.

    These have been preserved for almost 10 years in climate-controlled storage. No pets, no smoke

    See my 100% positive feedback! (link below)

    Pm me - first come, first serve

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