Misadventures in Nightmareland

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Takeshi357, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Usually I don't have many dreams, certainly ones I can remember after waking up. Nightmares are even rarer.

    But this one really stood out because it wasn't a typical adult nightmare (like having no money or general everyday grievances); no, this was solidly in the realm of supernatural horror, like something from SCP or the works of HP Lovecraft. And it was scary as hell.

    I was in a room, sitting or standing with my back turned against the wall. I looked straight up, and I saw this torso with a white mask or a face, shrouded in black, sticking out of the wall near the ceiling. It didn't have any distinct arms to speak of. I tried to scream - but no sound came out, all I could do was wheeze, and as if I was paralyzed in that position, that...thing...was suddenly right above me, holding something above my mouth. At first I thought it was a knife with a fancy handle because of it's shape, but then I realized that the "blade" was actually a stream of some kind of thick, black fluid, like tar or something, and this thing was pouring it into my mouth.

    Then I woke up. Except that I didn't; I was still in the dream. I thought to myself, "next time I'll be ready". And I experienced a second such an "attack" but this time, using some Nightmare on Elm Street logic, I managed to grab that thing it was holding and bring it with me into "reality" as I woke up; inspecting it in what looked like a typical US police station from movies and TV, I noticed that it was not any type of container but simply a solid hunk of plastic or something, leaving me wondering where the fluid came out.

    This time I woke up for real, awakened by the alarm - but I was so tired that I simply shut it off and fell asleep again, and had another dream...sitting by myself in a toilet, thinking what a lousy place for such an "attack" this would be. And then it happened again.

    After that I woke up for real and didn't go back to sleep, and I was a bit shaken up for a while afterwards. Like I said, this dream was very unusual and I will probably never forget it.
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    Something you ate perhaps? A previous lack of sleep? Stress? Saw something disturbing on television/in a newspaper etc.?

    There's loads of things that could set something like that off. The result might not mean anything, if it's caused by any of the above. It's more than likely just your imagination running wild...

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