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    ok just got back from mini megacon in orlando and have to say it was good. in all i meet some celebraties and artist of my favorite shows and comics. got some nice swag for myself and others. it wasn't as big as regular megacon but a nice venue to hold you until the bigger version next year. saw some cool anime movies and japanese commericals expecially of tommy lee jones the only weird part i can say was a guy i found at every toy vendor looking for old toys, he found some old thundercats and asked me is 2 dollars each a good price for them i said yes since they have no weapons and are a little beat up. he then replied ill get more selling them on ebay well if your only goal is to go to cons to get stuff to sell on ebay well to me your missing out on the others parts.

    ohh yaa saw a guy with a scion that had thundercats painted all over it as well as the thundertanks with the cats inside the car and a real sword of omens.

    in all pretty cool

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