Mindwipe's House of Horrors

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    Well, here you go. My first true structured fanfic, written like a movie scene
    Might want to listen to the song first:
    YouTube - Marilyn Manson-This Is Halloween

    Spike and Carly are shoved by two Decepticons into a rusty looking roller coaster cart. They travel along the tracks and enter a large doorway marked “Mindwipe’s House of Horrors.” As they enter, the music begins. The track chosen is Marilyn Manson’s cover of “This is Halloween.” As the guitar opens, the doors close behind them. The only lighting in the “ride” is strobe-like and headache-inducing.

    Boys and girls of every age: on Spike’s side of the cart, a Sharkticon-esque robot sings this line
    Wouldn't you like to see something strange?: While a cat-like robot on Carly’s side sings this one, both have a slyness in their gate, as if they savor every step

    Come with us and you will see
    This, our town of Halloween
    : Cut to behind the cart, seeing both robots on either side, when the lyrics are finished, they jump aside, as they do not want any part of what is to come.

    This is Halloween, this is Halloween: What are essentially two robot endoskeletons jump out to sing each “this is Halloween.” Their eyes, like the eyes of most bots in this sequence (unless otherwise noted), are an eerie green, and their movements are stiff and soulless, to the point of being almost painful.
    Pumpkins scream in the dead of night: A pumpkin head bot sings this lyric before his head explodes out of nowhere.

    This is Halloween, everybody make a scene: Cut to the front view of the cart, as we see three of Mindwipe’s bat minions (their eyes are red) fly by in front of Spike’s and Carly’s faces. Their expressions are uneasy, not quite terrified, but close.
    Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright: A single bat minion sits close to Spike’s face to sing this lyric. The expression on its face implies that “die of fright” is what he wants Spike and Carly to do.
    It's our town, everybody scream: What appears to be a gigantic, mechanical mouth with no face or body attached flies in the camera to sing this line.
    In this town of Halloween: Close up on Spike and Carly. Carly is grabbing onto Spike for dear life, and Spike is like a deer stuck in headlights, except the deer also knows what’s coming.

    I am the one hiding under your bed
    Teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red
    : The cart turns a corner; we get a direct look at a wall with a metal, spiky bed set up in front of it. From underneath the bed emerges a bot looking like a crocodile, with, well, teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red.

    I am the one hiding under yours stairs
    Fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair
    : the cart turns another corner, a bot matching the monster description hangs down from the ceiling, being dragged on some sort of track in front of Spike and Carly

    This is Halloween, this is Halloween: Close up on Spike and Carly again. Carly isn’t even looking, her face shoved into Spike’s shoulder, and Spike looks as if he will soil himself.

    Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!: More of the bat minions emerge from the side walls, they land on the front of the cart
    In this town we call home
    Everyone hail to the pumpkin song
    : The bats sing these two lines, swaying side to side

    In this town, don't we love it now?
    Everybody's waiting for the next surprise
    : A bot with a large head jumps in front of the cart, sings these lines before a huge blade launches from the right side and slices him in half. Embedding itself in the opposite wall.

    Round that corner, man hiding in the trash can
    Something's waiting no to pounce, and how you'll...
    : Front view of the cart, random bots and bats are gathered on either side, singing these lines.

    Scream! This is Halloween: Cut back to “inside the cart” view, as it rockets forward for the next few lines
    Red 'n' black, slimy green: The bot singing this hangs in front of the cart, traveling with it. As he states each adjective, his body changes color and texture to match

    Aren't you scared?: Imagine the freakiest face you can, that’s the one that pops out and sings this line.

    Well, that's just fine: Cut to an over-the shoulder from Carly’s side, as we see a robotic Harpy flying along side the cart. It is what sings this line
    Say it once, say it twice
    Take a chance and roll the dice
    Ride with the moon in the dead of night
    : Cut to front of cart view, as we see another Harpy on the other side, as they sing in unison before flying upward when they are finished.

    Everybody scream, everybody scream: Long shot on the side of the cart, as we see a four-legged beast emerge from under the track, lifting the cart onto its back, and convulsing various vertebrae to pop the cart up and down.

    In our town of Halloween!: Back to seeing Spike and Carly head on, as the cart drops back down to ground level. Spike is gripping the sides of his face, trying to comprehend what is happening, and Carly is reduced to tears.

    I am the clown with the tear-away face
    Here in a flash and gone without a trace
    : The clown-bot is on the right side of the cart. His hands are about six inches from his face to start, his fingers twitching uncontrollably. When he tears away his face, it doesn’t appear as though his face is meant to tear away, linked to his robotic skull by tubes and wires, as he struggles to hold it out. The mechanics underneath look very primitive, his mouth only a hinge flapping up and down. One eye is still in the socket, while the other is hanging by a single wire. When the lyrics are done, he releases the face, it snaps back, his eyes go out, and his body falls limp.

    I am the "who" when you call, "Who's there?": A vampric fembot with red eyes climbs on the cart next to Spike to sing this line
    I am the wind blowing through your hair: The fembot twists around, as it does, it changes to something more masculine, leans next to Carly’s face, gently running its hand through her hair.

    I am the shadow on the moon at night
    Filling your dreams to the brim with fright
    : A mysterious shadow beast, on the left side of the cart, flies into the face of a real human chained to the wall, and he screams in agony as his face slowly melts away.

    This is Halloween, this is Halloween
    Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!
    : Random bots pop out to sing these lines, complemented by bat minions flying above
    Halloween! Halloween!: view of the cart from the back, as it reaches a circle on the ground and comes to a complete stop, and a cage encloses it.

    Tender lumplings everywhere
    Life's no fun without a good scare
    : view from inside the cage, various robots gather around the cage to sing these next few lines, some hold onto the cage, walking in circles, thus rotating it. Others climb onto the cage to sing the lines while looking directly at Spike and Carly.

    That's our job, but we're not mean: one robot sings “That’s our job” the other “but we’re not mean” and as he speaks those words, a screen on his chest flashes the message “Yes, we are!”
    In our town of Halloween: A bot jumps onto the cage and rips the front open, allowing the cart to continue its ride for a short while, before stopping again about 15 yards in front of a wall, where the finale shall commence.

    In this town

    Don't we love it now?

    Everybody's waiting for the next surprise
    : These lines are spoken by the same who spoke them earlier, but this time, he is blown apart by a cannon popping out of his own shoulder.

    Skeleton Jack might catch you in the back
    And scream like a banshee
    : Various other robots come and rip apart the “mayor’s” broken body, wanting to consume it.
    Make you jump out of your skin: Close up on a medusa bot that peels off her own metallic skin as she sings this line.
    This is Halloween, everybody scream
    Wont' ya please make way for a very special guy
    : The bots stand up, stretching their arms to the sky and back, we see the top of the wall open up, revealing an assembly line bringing forward a coffin.

    Our man jack is King of the Pumpkin patch
    Everyone hail to the Pumpkin King, now!
    : The coffin moves forward slowly, eventually dropping, and is caught by the first in a series of mechanical arms that descend from the ceiling.

    This is Halloween, this is Halloween
    Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!:
    The mechanical arms toss the coffin back and forth as a pit of some sort of acid opens beneath. The arms lose control, and drop the coffin into the pit.

    In this town we call home
    Everyone hail to the pumpkin song
    : Cut to the left hand side, as we see two small, child-like robots hung like hangmen from the ceiling, their eyes are large, blue, and innocent looking, but as the audio deepens, their eyes turn red, and their expressions sinister.

    La la-la la, Halloween! Halloween! [Repeat]: Back to the pit, as Mindwipe slowly ascends from the depths, head lowered, arms crossed, and eyes shut off. As the music nears the end, his arms fold out, palms up; and during the final descending cords, his eyes turn on, his head tilts up, and his mouth stretches into a cruel grin, baring his rusted, jagged teeth.
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    Wow, that bad?
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    So, here's part two. Written in a more traditional prose style, so maybe more people will understand

    Mindwipe simply stands there for a few moments, then, his smile becomes muted, more contained. Finally, he brings his hands together, and claps slowly.
    “Excellent job, everyone! First time too!” His various minions join him. A bat minion flies in and gives him an Oscar-like statue. “Oh, for me! Why you shouldn’t have! I’d like to thank the academy of me for bestowing this honor on me on the behalf of me and my brilliant creative mind! But, enough of that nonsense.” He tosses the trophy aside. “Now, what about you, my first human test subjects….”
    “Test subjects?....” Spike says, his voice wobbling.
    “For my experiments, of course! I am a scientist, the first in Decepticon history, maybe history period, to experiment with permanent mind control!”
    “Wait, I thought the Decepticons already had mind control technology.” Carly proclaims, rather confused.
    Mindwipe explains, “Yes, but the sad truth is; it can only last so long. My quasi-mystical powers granted by the Fallen himself are the closest, but even then I have to be within a 90-meter range. So, ‘tis my humble lot in life to find the secret of ridding Autobot prisoners of that pesky free will.” His back is turned at this point, but he snaps back quickly.
    “Of course, I always wanted to try it on organic creatures, and you two will do perfectly. And when we’re done, you’re lifeless bodies will make excellent decorations for my fireplace mantle.” He lets out a small cackle, grabbing them from the cart and carrying them to his lab. Once inside, Spike and Carly find it is something out of a nightmare. Like Dr. Frankenstein’s workshop on acid, there are chains with hooks hanging from the ceiling, some with the mangled bodies of other “test subjects” attached. He throws them onto the same worktable, clearly designed for a creature much bigger than them, and secures them down with large chains.
    “Oh, how I’d love to start now, to smell the sweet smell of your bodily flu- I mean er-discovery. The sweet sound of your agonizing screa-er, I mean….” He pauses, trying to find a “scientific” sound to cover up his true motives, but comes up with nothing. “Daffodil’s floating in the wind.” Spike and Carly look up at Mindwipe in utter bewilderment. Daffodil’s in the wind? “I have another subject to attend to. WOO-PASH!” Mindwipe claps his hands together and darts off to the table on the other side of the room.
    Mindwipe leans over the table holding the captured Autobot Swerve. Swerve struggles desperately, but to no avail, the chains are created from some sort of strange alloy, just strong enough to not be broken by physical strength alone. He would need at least some sort of clean-edged cutting implement. As he looks up at Mindwipe, an expression of utter dread enters his face.
    “Please, don’t…” he pleads. “I’ll do anything you want, anything! I’ll give you all my Energon, I’ll be your personal slave, I’ll tell you all the Intel I know, just, for the love of Primus, don’t do what I’ve heard all the stories about…”
    “Oh, little Autobot.” Mindwipe explains. “I’m not after anything like that; I have two reasons for doing what I do. One: to further the scientific knowledge in my field of expertise, and two…” He leans in close, right next to Swerve’s auditory sensor, and whispers; “I really, really enjoy it!”

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