Mindwipe What-if Bio.

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    Well,i was bored one day and i was talking to a fellow tf collector,and i said that there's something familiar to rotf mindwipe,looking like a certain video game villain that sounds kinda like dr.klaw and is voiced by the dude who did goku,so i thought "why not make a crazy-wacked up bio,giving a said villain ending up as a nother villain,just for cracks and giggles" and this just happened. Enjoy this What-If Bio.

    WARNING:it's quite a long winded bio,also a first time for me.
    it also contains a crossover.

    "Before Mindwipe was what he was in the present,he used to be a leader of an evil,war-mongering organic alien race mostly known as the "Arms of Darkness"
    he was named as "Vorath the Black-Hearted,The Doombringer And The Dark Demon" mostly due to being a cruel,sadistic tyrant. He regarded the humans as weak,pathetic creatures,and tried to destroy the humans defenses and invading the planet,and using the humans for a food supply,he thought he was victorious,until he was slain by a shining,gold (and red) colored anthropomorphic being,and sent into space and led to his own demise,but using the remaining power of the seven gems that he absorbed,he teleported himself to another dimension,along with a few of his followers. After that he was stranded in his rotting body,wondering how he being the most powerful being in the universe,defeated by a rodent and underestimating the power of the 7 plot-related gems.After about three months floating in deep space,he was discovered by a decepticon scouting team,lead by Spacecase,Volrath was later salvaged then he was researched,along with the debris that surrounded him and after weeks of research,the decepticons have engineered new weapons based on the bits of salvaged technology,improving them ten fold,installing some of said technology in a newer body,after it was completed,one of the decepticon scientists requested blitzwing what to do with the organics,blitzwing then ordered them to scan their memories in a set of logic chips,in case they know more about their own weaponry,so they started with vorath and three of his followers,and transferred them in their new bodies,later the scientists inserted artificial sparks in each of them,thus awakening vorath,he asked the triple-changer in where he was,blitzwing explained that he was in a training program,and none of it was real,not remembering who he was,vorath only remembered two things:he is a powerful entity,and that all humans are weak and should be controlled by higher beings such as himself.Blitzwing was interested in his intentions,thus convincing him to join the decepticon cause,and they also have the same intentions as he is,then the insane triple-changer explained his new powers and dubbed him "mindwipe" he also said he cannot control his comrades
    but mindwipe refused,blinded by his own egotistical personality,then blitzwing threatened him if he cant join them,they have no choice but to dismantle him.The newly forged decepticon didn't want to die a second time,so he accepted the offer,now he serves the decepticons,waiting for the perfect moment that he will control everything and will all be his puppets."

    -The power of hypnosis,indeed a threatening ability,he can able to control other beings in his control.
    -His Bomber Mode can Fly up to 700 miles-per-hour.
    -His Viper Daggers can able to temporarily disable any mechanical being,having a limit of 1 Hour.
    -His Third-eye Refractor Beam can able to piece through high defenses.
    -He tends to talk about his dead "Children",even though he mostly show no compassion to them in the past.
    -In the past,Mindwipe has created a lifeform 52 years ago before he was in his new body.
    -He can able to transfer his spark to his binary-bonded minions,the skystalkers.
    -Does not have the tendency to say "TRAITOR!" alot,alone or in sentences,along with "STOP AT ONCE!"
    -He also doesnt order his troops to attack the player,even if it's in its side.

    Note:If that kinda counts as a fic,then i guess i was in the right place then.
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    Pretty cool

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