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    Dash Tantrum. Half of the Dash Preds' heavy artillery along with his brother headstrong, Tantrum lives up to his name on the battlefield. Unlike his brothers, Tantrum doesn't plan anything, he simply attacks every Autobot within range in a wild fury. He may not be as cunning as Razroclaw, as fast as Rampage or as stubborn as Headstrong, but he reasons that sheer primal destruction compensates for all that and more. To his credit, every battelefield he enters is left a widespread ruin; Autobots dare not lay a trap for him, knowing full well the collateral damage that inevitably ensues. Tantrum enjoys nothing more than charging straight through a helpless Autobot, his twin horns holding them in places as he slams them right through a wall, collapsing a building right on top of the carcass. He doesn't need the gatling gun on his back, but that doesn't mean he's above using it.


    Tantrum, possibly the easiest build yet. He and Headstrong share the exact same frame barring the head, to ensure the legs are the same height in the end. So all i had to do was remember what i did to Headstrong, and replicate it again. The head was originally going to be a Gojulas head, but in the end the Dark Horn just looked better, and with the horns reversed it can pass as a bull. ;)  So yeah, now just Divebomb to go, and then it's on to Predashogun!

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