Microx Reflector, and G1 TMs FS

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Rattrap, Aug 16, 2006.

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    I accept MOs and Casheirs checks only. Prices are negotiable, and do not include shipping. Shipping will be $5 for the first item, and $1 more for each additional item. I have a pic here for references on condition. On Saturday these will be going to ebay, and I will be emailing BBTS to see how much they can offer me on these.
    Microx Reflector- Spectros legs broken, but repaired, includes broken flashcube and 2 missiles. Joints loose, and Spyglass' left arm is falls off sometimes in bot mode, but not broken displays fine. A good place holder or cheaper altenrative than the original bots. $70

    Targetmasters-come as shown in the pic, possibly with their own TM or a replacement TM. The tank (Quake I believe) is missing his turret barrel. $20 each.

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