Micron Booster 4 Function Translations

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    While I was doing my review of the latest Micron Booster release, I got some feedback which suggested that there were indivual "functions" for each robot. And lo and behold, on the instruction sheet, there were. So I took the time to do some translating. I hope this comes as some use to some of you:

    Mind you, I've done my best to wade through these seemingly odd combinations of (sometimes incorrect or mis-furigana'ed) Kanji and placed them in the best English that I possibly can seem to think of.

    Gnash-teeth: The Predacons' (Destron) God of Destruction
    Reptix: Sky-Soaring Thunderclap*
    Iron-lunge: Powerful Earth-mover
    Refusor: Maximum Weight/Big Compression
    Rock Blade: Earth-shaving Rampaging Horse (I kid you not. It's the Kanji for "uma").

    Rad Rogue: The Autobots' (Cybertron) Rushing** Leader
    Gredator: One Who Coexists With Nature
    Apexus: Anger's Fierce Tiger
    Windrazor: Autobots' (Cybertron) Only Girl in the Group (Guess it's an UGLY HUNCH-BACKED Female)

    As for Detectus, there is a little note under Rad Rogue's and Gnash-Teeth's instructions that indicate that the transformations for Detectus and Chrome-bite are the same (obviously). Unfortunately, that means no "functions" for those guys.

    Translaton Notes:
    *Reptix's Furigana over "oozara" is mistakenly typed as "taikai" which is a different combination of other kanji and actually means "meeting" rather than "sky" or "firmament."

    **The second Kanji for rush is mistakenly written and doesn't make any sense when written that way.
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    Cool, thanks a bunch. Its always interesting to find out this kind of info.

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