Michael Dobson & David Kaye appearing at SDCC

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    From SDCC website:

    Broken Saints, 5486

    After five years of seeing it online, it’s time to experience the animated comic phenomenon in person! The original series creators— Brooke Burgess, Ian Kirby, and Andrew West—are at the convention to celebrate the 20th Century Fox release of their four-disc DVD set and will be available for photos, signings, and damn fine conversations throughout the show! Tons more surprises too, including: Friday and Saturday appearances/signings by BS voice stars Michael Dobson (Starscream, Transformers: Cybertron; SAYA , Inuyasha), and David Kaye (Megatron , Transformers: Beastwars; Professor X, X-Men Evolution); the FREE debut of Broken Saints Issue #0 from Virgin Comics; show exclusive posters, T-shirts, soundtracks, iPod video treats, and daily giveaways and collectibles available only at the BS booth! While you’re there, be sure to enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to an exclusive VIP BS bash with the hardest of the series hardcore; the draw opens Preview Night and closes Saturday at noon.

    - Michael Bell & Gregg Berger will be appearing in a Voice panel.

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