MIB Onslaught, Windmill, Overlord, others for trade!

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    I've added so many toys I decided to start a new topic instead. Please stay tuned, I'm expecting a shipment next week and will add many more trades (Sludge, Pretenders, Powermasters, TMs, AMs and another Overlord)!

    Now, the priorty is on trades, not sales. Please check my 'want' list below at the end of the post to see what I need! This doesn't mean I won't sell the toys - but now I'd prefer trades.

    UPDATE: I now accept Paypal payments! Paypal just 'upgraded' their hungarian accounts. :) 

    UPDATE 2.: Cleaned up my 'attic' - got some non-transformers I also will sell. See the bottom of the post!

    In some cases, I've marked some items with 'special trade', this means I'll only trade these for specific items listed below the description.

    If you need references 'bout me, ask Dave Mamer (http://www.bigislandtoys.com ) or Alex Bickmore (http://www.toyarchive.com), also check my feedback thread below my sig!

    About details and shipping, PM or email me!

    -G1 Classics Onslaught 100% complete with box (no insert)! 50$ or special trade (see below) SOLD




    This is a really nice piece - has all stickers and parts, joints are tight. Has all parts too! No instructions but I'll include a 'poster hunt' sticker advert that was put on al 1990 toys at the time. The box is a bit beat up, but no serious damage.

    Will sell it or trade for any of these below:

    -G1 Motormaster
    -G1 Silverbolt

    -Al of these 100% complete only and preferably with box - if you have no box, I'll take a smaller toy or parts for the box.

    -G1 Overlord with parts! 70$ or special trade (see below) SOLD!






    A very nice piece - this Overlord has all stickers and the three main body parts intact. Has shoulder cones, missing the tank window sadly, and the grapple claw is broken too. I apologise, will upload updated pics with the parts he has, but these are the parts included:
    -Large handgun
    -Double-barelled gun
    -Powermaster Giga
    -Powermaster Mega
    -Round radar dish (with antenna broken)

    -This is primarily for trade. If your offer is lower in value then the Overlord, then you'll pay the difference, if your offer is higher, then I'll pay the difference... :) 
    -Will trade for any of these:

    -Omega Supreme (should have all main parts and working mechanism)
    -Trypticon (ONLY with some parts and working mechanism)
    -Fortress Maximus (naturally that's worth more, so i'd pay the difference or give more trades)
    -Metroplex (since it's worth less and is much smaller, I'd ask for more trades in this case)
    -Anniversary Optimus Prime (any version, can be loose but only complete)
    -Cybertron Primus (preferably with the Unicron head, only complete but can be loose)


    -Overlord with all main body parts and leg guards in 60$ value for special trade only! see below!

    -PICS coming soon!

    THis a mixed bag - on plus side, it has all three main body parts (and the two leg guards/ramps), plus - a rare thing - has shoulder cones, tank window and the grapple claw is intact too. Even rarer, it has all the 'pegs' that hold the wings in place, those break easily, even my own Overlord is missing a few.
    On the bad side, it has some medium yellowing on the arms and light yellowing on the tank turret. Has absoluetly no stickers except the factory applied ones. The yellow window on the underside of the shuttle has the peg broken. Also someone broke some weapon into a screw hole, but that can be removed.

    -Now the 'special trade part'! This toy belongs to a friend of mine - I know TFW2005 forbids I trade stuff that doesn't belong to me, but 1.: My friend doesn't speak english well 2.: The toy is at my home, I'll ship to you and you'll ship to me, so I'll do everything during the trade - it's basically as if you'd be trading with me, only for stuff that my friend wants.
    -My friend gave me the Overlord with the specific instructions that I trade it ONLY for MISB/MOSC G1 toys. Any toy will do, though he especially likes Casettes and Giftsets! If the value of your toy is higher then the 60$, he'll pay the surplus - if it's less, you pay what's missing.

    -Overlord upper torso X2 - 20$ each or see trade list 1 SOLD, 1 STILL AVALIABLE!




    This is only the upper torso of Overlord - has all stickers though. Working PM mechanisms too! Will have another one up soon for the same price!

    EDIT: actually the other one is almost identical so I won't bother taking pics. Both cost 20$!

    -G1 Stalker with parts 15$ or trade SOLD



    In a very nice shape, all stickers mint and the toy in great condition. Has large rocket (with some misplaced stickers) and the radar dish.

    -G1 Action Master Elite Windmill 30$ or trade SOLD!



    A very rare toy (in the US), I'm selling it for a lower price because it has some flaws. Firstly, one of the side fins is broken off. Second, the push-button action doesn't seem to work, I tried fixing it and all the gears are well-placed, it just doesn't work. Possibly it can be fixed. Still a very rare toy.

    -G1 Skyquake loose 13$ or trade SOLD



    Has not many stickers, and sadly the translucent piece from the scope part is broken off.

    -G1 Anti-Aircraft base 10$ or trade


    No micromasters, only the base, but in a very good shape with all stickers. Has turret, turret guns, drum and radar.

    -G2 Lightformer Ironfist loose 6$ or trade SOLD



    An european G2 exclusive, and a very nice TF IMHO. The robot is OK, but the gunpack is missing the stand part, thus it cannot be attached to the car.



    -G1 Rotorstorm with launcher and broken rotor 6$ or trade ON HOLD for Tap

    -G1 Rotorstorm loose 3$ or trade

    -G2 Sureshot (european version of Hero OP) with pipegun and gun 10$ or trade ON HOLD for Silentdarth



    -G1 Predators Talon and Skydive (missing a tailfin) 4$ each or trades ON HOLD both

    -Energon Micromaster Scavenger with card and instructions (missing Devastator head) 3$ (will trade for parts)

    -Parts for trade only!


    -Micromaster Anti-Aircraft base turret and left turret gun
    -Micromaster Flattop mothership
    -Micromaster Missile Transport front part SOLD
    -Micromaster Groundshaker rocket pack
    -Metroplex left-side shoulder gun
    -Crossblades tail rotor/gun SOLD
    -Sludge handgun
    -Grimlock handgun
    -Onslaught handgun x3
    -Onslaught double-barelled turret
    -Bruticus head
    -Action Master Devastator gun SOLD
    -Action Master Skyfall's partner Top-heavy
    -G2 Optimus Prime (1993) rocket launcher
    -Energon Arcee's crossbow weapon (no missile)

    -EDIT: - G1 Cyclonus' Targetmaster Nightstick (pic coming soon) 30$

    -Will only trade this one for a Lord Zarak.

    -Junkers and parts (will trade for junkers I need, or make me an offer)



    -RID Megatron missing left ear, dragon heads, tail, small dragon arms
    -RID Sideburn (red) missing right upper arm, window/shield, front bumper
    -G2 Ransack only main body
    -G2 Sizzle (laser rod) missing legs (not broken)
    -G2 Hotrider missing right fist and whole left arm
    -G2 Afterburner missing tailfin hand, one small hipguard is glued other missing
    -G2 Afterburner non-tailfin hand
    -G2 Zap missing head
    -G1 Skyquake missing scope part, front gear and one rear feet is broken off
    -G1 Rotorstorm missing ramps
    -G1 Sunstraker parts (body is 84, feet are from the classic version( diaclone mold)
    -G1 Pretender Jazz missing hood (no stickers)
    -G1 European AM Circuit missing left leg
    -G1 Predator Snare (one arm was re-screwed with a huge wood-screw...)
    -G2 Aquafend missing car front
    -G2 Speedstream shoulders
    -Micromaster Eagle Eye no tailfins
    -Micromaster Roadhugger no car front
    -Micromaster Phaser no arms
    -BW Transquito left arm


    Got some non-transformer toys (He-man,Gobots) I have in abundance - thought I'd put them up for sale/trade, if anyone needs them. There are some european exclusives amongst these too.

    -New Adventures of He-Man european exclusives!


    -Battle Axe Skeletor loose with axe 22$ or trade
    -Spin-fist Hydron loose with helmet 20$ or trade
    -Hook-em Flogg loose 30$ or trade

    -These are all european exclusives... I was told by Alex Bickmore (Super Toy Archives) that the first two were sold in the US too, but are pretty rare. Flogg was however only released in europe and is the rarest of the NA He-man toys, along with Fliparmor Icarius and Too-tall Hoove.
    -All three are in great shape, tight joints and hardly any paint wear. Hydron's spin-arm is slightly worn, as it's made of rubbery plastic that aged and got a bit cracked on the surface.
    -I'd preferably sell these, but will gladly trade for other toys I want.

    -Chechoslovakian old-timer car model kit, unassembled in box from 1974! 10$ or trade



    -I got many of these toys as a kid, they were sold assembled around the eighties. However back in 1970 they were sold as model kits. This is one of these, a Praha Charon car to be exact. The model kit has all parts (though some are removed from the tree), instructions and box. If you are a model kit collector, I recommend it - don't think many people have these in the USA! ;) 

    -Biker Mice from mars toy 1$
    -Weird Scorpion toy 1$


    The mice is self-explanatory. I was told by many people that the Scorpion is from Spiderman, others say it's from Spawn... If you push the head the tail splits apart and throws a net. It also has 'Marvel Toybiz' written into it.

    -Mighty Max Playkit - Max Terminates Wolfsship 4$ or trade



    Bought this for a fellow TF trader but he never offered me even a TF part for it, so I decided to sell it after a few months. It has all three figures - Max and two aliens - though one alien has an arm broken off. Hoverboard is missing too.

    -Gobots Courageus Powersuit main body with parts 15$ or trade


    Pretty nice piece with all stickers. Has both feet and both hands. Two minor problems: missing a front landing gear wheel and one of the front small orange wing's connector is broken (wing stays in place though).

    -Gobots Slicks Knockoff 2$ or trade



    -Very good quality as far as KOs go. Even has diecast and rubber tires! Plus it's colored like the Machine Robo version.
    -Will trade it for some part or a Micromaster I need.

    -Microman Blockman European version B1 and parts! 9$ or trade


    -Takara's blockman license was bought by Revell, who sold them in Europe under the name Robotech Changers. They are slightly worse quailty then the Japanese ones, but still have diecasting.
    -THis is the B1 set, almost complete (missing a gun and a tailfin). Also included are large guns for the D1, D2 and D3 sets.

    -Leader shine Invading Insect Moth! 2$ or trade (see below)



    -Surely every TF collector has come across these every once in a while - well, I even collect Leader Shine's animal Transformers. The moth is missing an insect leg, and one wing is slightly bent. I'd preferably trade it for another leader shine animal TF. I need all the dinosaurs, all cats save the Lynx, Chameleon, Gila Monster and Iguana (these two only with tails), Mosquito, Hornet and Mantis.

    -Knockoff Quake toy 4$ or trade


    This is Simba's Knockoff of targetmaster Quake - due to the colors I dubbed it 'Night attack Quake'. :)  Quake is loose and has no parts, the robot warrior he came with has his shield and gun.

    -Visionaries Mortdredd figure loose with helmet and hologram 3$


    -Old analog photo camera with films 10$ or trade


    Dunno if it still works... it's from around 1990. has box, instructions, even two very old films for the camera.

    -Small windup robot


    I have absolutely no idea if this is worth something or not. Will trade it for some part, or if someone wants it badly, pay the shipping and it's yours for free! :) 

    My want list: (sorted by the order of importance)

    -Generation 1:

    -Japanese exclusive figures (except the ones released in Europe like Overlord and the Brainmasters)
    -'Leaders' and rarer figures: Megatron, Shockwave,Ultra Magnus, Swoop, Predaking
    -Casettes (weaponless ones are also OK)
    -Seekers (ONLY with fists)
    -Headmasters (ONLY with heads)
    -Autobot cars from 84-86 (preferably with parts)
    -Generally TF toys from 1987, especially Targetmasters (even Throttlebots, yes... :)  )
    -Micromasters: bases ONLY (Update:need Skystalker, Skyhopper, Greaspit bases)
    -Turbomaster cars (only complete ones)

    -Generation 2:

    -Laser Rods (complete or loose)
    -RotorCons/Bots (only complete)
    -Autobot Cybertjets
    -Dinobot color variations

    -Beast Wars (and japanese BW)

    -Depth Charge
    -Jaguar (TM Cheetor retool)
    -BW 2 Lioconvoy
    -BW 2 Autolauncher
    -BW 2 Autojetter
    -BW 2 Galvatron
    -BW 2 Gigastorm
    -BW Neo Dead End
    -BW Neo Mach Kick

    -Beast Machines

    -Night Viper


    -Emergency Team repaint
    -Wheeljack with Windsheer

    -Energon (preferably with card/box, but loose is OK too)

    -Galvatron (smaller Superlink version)

    -Robot Masters (Loose or MISB,no matter)

    -Skywarp/Thundercrackers two-pack

    -Cybertron (boxed or loose)

    -Optimus Prime (Leader size)
    -Cybertron defense Red Alert (Ultra)
    -Wing Saber (Ultra)
    -Menasor (Ultra)
    -Quickmix (Ultra)
    -Vector Prime (Galaxy force version only!) (Voyager)
    -Starscream (Galaxy force version only!) (Voyager)
    -Cybertron Defense Scattershot (Voyager)
    -Soundwave (Voyager)
    -Evac (Voyager)
    -Snarl (Deluxe)
    -Excellion (Deluxe)
    -Blurr (Deluxe)
    -Sideways (Deluxe)
    -Smokescreen (Deluxe)
    -Override (Deluxe)
    -Shortround (Scout)
    -Giant Planet Mini-Con Team (Scout)

    -Masterpiece (preferably the Takara versions)


    -Alternators/Binaltech (can be loose)


    -Titanium (MISB only)

    -Optimus Prime (TWW, '6)
    -Thundercracker (TWW,'6)
    -Scourge ('6)
    -Soundwave ('6)
    -Rodimus Prime ('6)
    -Unicron ('3)
    -Predaking ('3)

    -Classics (Boxed/carded only)

    -Optimus Prime
    -Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp
    -Night Rescue Team
    -Demolition Team
    -Adventure Team

    Parts needed:


    -Optimus Prime: Fists, gun, trailer, Roller, pipe, rockets, hose
    -Prowl: unbroken windshield, left door
    -Blue Streak: gun, launchers, rockets
    -Hound: handgun, vehicle gun, spare wheel, fuel tank, rockets, launcher
    -Jazz: windshield, gun, launcher, rockets
    -Sideswipe: rear rigth spoiler, gun, rockets
    -Sunstreaker: fists, chrome missiles, yellow shoulder rockets
    -Wheeljack: spoiler, wings,launchers, rockets
    -TRailbreaker: top and rear end of van, fists, double missiles, head radar
    -Ironhide: gun, connector
    -Gears: right arm
    -Huffer: left arm
    -Starscream: long missiles, horizontal tailfins, landing gear
    -Skywarp: fists, launchers, long missiles, short missiles, horizontal tailfins
    -Thundercracker: short missiles, horizontal tailfins, landing gear
    -Soundwave: batteries/guns, battery cover, rockets
    -Laserbeak: bird head, guns

    -Blaster: gun
    -Perceptor: microscope tube's blue 'handle' part, 'screws' for hands, gun, laucher, rockets
    -Skids: right rear wheel, gun, rockets
    -Tracks: rockets
    -Inferno: 'wings', left fist
    -Hoist: towing platform, 'wings', double rockets, head radar, right fist
    -Red Alert: door windows, spoilers, gun, launcher, rockets, 2x TIRES
    -Topspin: gun
    -Grimlock: rockets
    -Sludge: sword
    -Camshaft: robot head, gun, rockets
    -Drill dasher: whole left arm
    -Bonecrusher: Dev. arm, fist, rocket
    -Hook: hook
    -Long Haul: Dev. waist, green panel, gun
    -Mixmaster: gun, Dev. gun, double rocket, rocket
    -Scavenger: gun, Dev. hand, fist, rocket
    -Scrapper: Dev. chest. gun, canopy
    -Chop Shop: gun, spear
    -Venom: gun, axe
    -Astrotrain: gun
    -Blitzwing: tank turret, gun, sword, 1Xrocket
    -Thrust: fists, rockets

    -Rodimus Prime: radar panels
    -Blurr: panels for lower arms,gun, shield
    -Sky Lynx: lynx part
    -Silverbolt: gun, ramp, all Superion parts
    -Fireflight: gun
    -Slingshot: tail, gun
    -First Aid: handgun
    -Rewind: guns
    -Sandstorm: gun
    -Broadside: 1Xrocket
    -Galvatron: tube, gun, sights
    -Trypticon: yellow head window, left side tower, all other accessories
    -Scourge: wheels
    -Drag Strip: gun, cannon, connector
    -Breakdown: gun, cannon, connector
    -Wildrider: gun
    -Razorclaw: gun, sword,Predaking head
    -Rampage: Predaking fist
    -Tantrum: guns, sword, Predaking foot
    -Headstrong: red parts on side of robot feet, guns, sword, Predaking foot
    -Octane: chrome shield
    -Spectro: left arm, gun
    -Spyglass: right leg, gun

    -Sureshot: targtemaster Spoilsport
    -Doublecross: gun
    -Grotusque: wings, gun
    -Scattershot: Computron parts, gun, shoulder gunX1
    -Afterburner: handgun, vehicle guns
    -Strafe: handgun, jet guns
    -Lightspeed: front bumper of car, handgun, vehicle guns
    -Nosecone: handgun, vehicle guns
    -Scorponok: Lord Zarak, handgun, gun shield, chrome towers, ramps, double gun turretsX4, shield, Fasttrack, Fasttrack gun
    -Apeface: gun
    -Sixshot: guns
    -Hun-Grrr: gun, Abominus fists and feet
    -Rippersnapper: robot head/neck
    -Blot: gun, backpack

    -Landmine: helmet
    -Waverider: helmet, belt, gun, axe
    -Gunrunner: pretender car, plane part, gun, bombs
    -Quickswitch: 1Xgun, top of boat canopy with wheels
    -Doubledealer: right leg, left wing, powermasters, weapons, chest shield
    -Dreadwind: guns, Hi-Test
    -Spinister: copter tail, targetmasters
    -Skullgrin: sword
    -Carnivac: shoulder pads
    -Snarler: shoulder pads
    -Nautilator: gun
    -Overbite: claws, gun
    -Skalor: guns
    -Tentakil: guns

    -Pretender Jazz: helmet, shell gun, robot gun
    -Pretender Bumblebee: robot gun
    -Pretender Grimlock: shell, helmet, shel gun, dino tail/gun
    -Pincher: helmet, robot gun
    -Ironworks: ramp
    -Hot House: ramp
    -Overload: handlebar
    -Pretender Starscream: shell rear half, helmet, shell gun
    -Octopunch: robot gun
    -Bristleback: shell, back plate, gun, Monstructor fist
    -Skystalker: base and all accessories
    -Airwave: ramp
    -Greasepit: base and all accessories

    -AM Optimus Prime: smokestacks, orange cannonX1
    -AM Prowl: handgun
    -AM Blaster:gun, rocket pack
    -AM Overrun: rotor, copter tail, front gun
    -AM Grimlock: gun
    -AM Snarl: Snarl, gun
    -AM Rad: Lionizer, gun
    -AM Skyfall: gun
    -AM Kick-Off: gun
    -AM Rollout: gun, Glitch's right arm
    -Micromaster Combiner Missile transport: 2Xrockets, 1Xramp, 2Xpurple guns
    -Road Burner (from Metro Squad)
    -AM Starscream: rockets, guns, shield
    -AM Axer: sidecar's connector
    -AM Gutcruncher: small tank, small red gun, rear wings
    -AM Soundwave: gun, Wingthing's wings
    -AM Banzai-Tron: gun, Razor-sharp's legs
    -Anti-Aircraft base: Spaceshot's wings
    -Micomaster Combiner Tank Transport: transport front part, 1Xcannon, 2Xramps

    -AM Powerflash: gun
    -AM ELite Double Punch: right side scorpion legs
    -AM Elite Turbomaster: blades, rotors, leg thrusters
    -AM Charger: gun, Firebeast's double gun
    -AM Bombshell: Bombshell, gun
    -AM Slicer: vehicle, blades
    -AM Thundercracker: lover part of plane, rockets, gun

    -Turbomaster Thunderclash: gun
    -Turbomaster Rotorstorm: rockets, rotor
    -Turbomaster Boss: gun, rockets
    -Turbomaster Hurricane: gun,rockets
    -Turbomaster Scorch: gun, rockets
    -Rescue Force Leozak: gun, all tailfins
    -Rescue Force Jaguar: have a silver and a redgun for him, will trde either one for a matching color one.
    -Lightspeed/Braver: parts for Road Ceasar


    -G2 Optimus Prime (94): both fists
    -G2 Laser Rod Optimus: trailer, sword, other parts
    -G2 Optimus Prime (Hero): rockets
    -G2 Grimlock: sword
    -G2 Snarl: sword, gun
    -G2 Slag: sword
    -Pyro: gun, rockets, pelvis shield, cannon's connector
    -Deftwing: wings, landing gears, gun stand
    -Deluge (european): gun
    -Jetstorm (european): gun
    -Aquablast (european): spoiler
    -G2 Megatron (large): gun, rockets, searchlight
    -G2 Megatron (hero): gun, 3Xrockets
    -G2 Ramjet: wings, fists, launchers, rockets, soundpack
    -Autorollers: rockets
    -Calcar: gun pack
    -Fearswoop: gun pack's rockets
    -G2 LOng Haul: gun (yellow)
    -G2 Bonecrusher: gun (yellow)
    -G2 Dreadwing & Smokescreen: rockets
    -Leadfoot: spoiler, launcher, rotor
    -Manta Ray: launcher, rotor
    -G2 Ransack: launcher, rotor, copter rotor, copter tail
    -G2 Sizzle (laser rod): sword
    -Gearhead (Gobot): gun


    -Tripredacus: Ramhorn's weapon, Cicadacon's swords, Sea Clamp's robot feet and crab legs.
    -Snarl: tail/gun


    Demolishor: Blackout, 2Xrockets


    -Bulkhead: missiles

    -I'm interested in all sort of Gobots, Convertors, even Knockoff TF toys as well, naturally I prefer real TFs but if you don't have any, these'll do as well! I also collect Dino-Riders, and Batman TAS toys!
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    hi ben plz pm me
    on the overloard i have several of yor wants or cash

    lmk zap
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    Updated with another Overlord and pics for the older one!
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    UPDATED with other toys for sale (European He-man, Gobots, etc.)

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