MIB Mexica IGA Optimus Prime and Red Face Twin Twist

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    Jul 19, 2007
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    Got the following I'm letting go from my own collection

    1) IGA Optimus Prime 100% complete in original mexican box with foam, instruction manual and partially unapplied stickersheet. Ops is in lovely shape as is the box.................$Offers or may trade

    2) IGA Red Face Twin Twist MIB with bubble and backer plus instruction manual and unapplied stickers great shape on both the bot and both front.......$Offers

    3) Menasor Giftset missing small guns, box is in bad shape missing the right flap and the foam is also worn with a large chip out of the right side ........$Offers or may trade

    4) Skyhammer 100% comp boxed with insert and bubbles. Toy is in awesome shape apart from the little robot who has a chipped left foot and some chipping around the chest peg. .............$185.00

    I'll put pics up later today

    Cheers Peeps!!!
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