2D Artwork: Mezma Commission

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    Faction: Autobot, former Decepticon
    Function: Scout/Infiltrator
    Beast Mode: Fat-tail gecko/hummingbird fuzor
    Nicknames: Zippy (Ratchet only), Bugbot, Hyperbot, Speedy, Prankster, Troublemaker

    Strength: 4
    Speed: Beast 7 Robot: 10
    Endurance: 4
    Intelligence: 7
    Reflex: 8
    Accuracy: 7
    Courage: 6

    Weapons: Cyber Boomerang, Cyber Whips & Eye Lasers

    Motto: "Catch me if you can!!!"

    Never seeming able to sit still for any length of time, Mezma is almost always up to some form of mischief. Although she has a care-free and playful attitude, she is constantly struggling to keep a grip on the darker side of her personality. Quick to temper, she's gotten herself in trouble with Prime and Prowl a few times. Unable to ignore her reptilian instincts she is known to chase and eat bugs inside the base, occasionally placing herself in embarrassing situations.

    Although Mezma displays agility and speed rivaling almost any Cybertronian, her speed is also her greatest weakness. In beast form she has no problem, but when she is in robot form her energy consumption while flying is considerable and dangerous, as such, she often stays in her slower beast form until she needs a burst of speed. Mezma also shows considerable difficulties in melee and attempts to avoid those situations as much as possible.

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    know i know who im going to ask for to help me with the art in my fan-comic
    transformers fusion!

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