Metrodome's Masterforce DVD boxset

Discussion in 'Transformers Feedback & Reviews' started by Sol Fury, Jul 3, 2006.

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    Just got mine today (yay!) and had a quick look at it. Here's a few thoughts:

    They're clear, they're clean, text is in a mock-G1 font. Background music is lifted from the series. Not a lot to look at, but they work. They do their job.

    Onto the meat of this thing, the episodes.
    Very, very good.
    The quality is excellent, exactly what you'd expect from a DVD. The shows don't show any wear for the transfer process or their age at all, and the animation incidentally stacks up extremely well against most modern stuff.
    The subtitles are nice and clear, easy on the eye, and for songs the Romanji lyrics are above the translations. This also applies to the songs in the episodes, not just the intro and ending.
    The translations are excellent, to a non-Japanese speaker they sound spot on and fit what is going on on screen precisely. The couple of random episodes I watched showed none of the weirdness that sometimes cropped up in Headmasters.
    One other thing to note, unlike Headmasters, these episodes are complete. That means the eyecatches and the next episode previews are all present and correct. That scores a few more bonus points with me!

    The presentation is good as well, up to the standards of Headmasters. There are minimal extras, though, but considering we do get three comentaries to go with 42 episodes of classic Japanese Transformers, I'd feel greedy asking for more. Perhaps some classic Japanese adverts would have topped the collection off?

    Overall, it's a great set. It's region 2 only this time, so for those outside Europe who're considering picking it up, make sure your TV can play PAL DVDs and your player can handle Region 2. It is well worth it, though, to make the effort since you get one of the best TF series of all time on DVD, fully subtitled.
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