Metal body Predacons, classics Rodimus, Raindance, Grandslam, G1 Shockwave and more

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    Metal body Predacons, Raindance, Grandslam, G1 Shockwave and more

    Hi all

    got a few more items looking to sell off, shipping is extra, my wants are below the for sale list

    pics can be seen here:

    Transformers pictures by Tom-K_album - Photobucket

    PM me if interested, can do paypal or a postal money order



    first off the Predacons, both are metal bodies and both are missing decals

    Tantrum: horns are a little rough in spots, some paint wear on metal areas but not bad, good joints, decals that are there (missing some) are okay, no accessories $20

    Divebomb no wings or accessories, has one small clip on back broken off, the other half has a stress (it is the plastic behind the arm attachment to Predaking,doesn't really seem to serve a huge purpose) good joints, okay decals (the ones that are there) some paint wear on metal spots asking $20

    Raindance complete some paint rubs on 'cassette' side but not too bad, chrome issues in a couple of places on weapons, good joints and the rest of the stickers look good asking $35

    Grandslam complete very minor paint rubs on 'cassette' side, more chrome wear on weapons but still a nice piece asking $35

    Shockwave complete, electronics work, hose is cracked in a few small places , legs a little loose $80

    G1 / G2

    Astrotrain comes with nothing, missing parts that flip down to make the train wheels and wings to shuttle otherwise decent shape $1

    Blurr Target Master complete excellent shape, missing decals $70

    Brawl G2 no accessories nice shape $5 SOLD

    Bruticus complete with all large bot parts and all individual hand guns $100

    Cloudburst inner robot, loose legs $2

    Cloudburst shell and robot, nice shape, some paint wear on shell, helmet, belt and gun ,whip (whip has a broken handle, but both parts included $16

    Double Dealer KO, comes with missile and one power master, tight and decent decals $5

    Flywheels tank half good shape $3

    Galvatron no barrel, no gun, no clip, just bot. missing some decals and some glue residue can be seen at places electronics work $8

    Gears okay shape $6

    Guzzle (sparkabot tank) no sparks, nice shape otherwise $5

    Kickback junker, one claw on each arm broken off, loose wings, busted antenna s $1

    Kup Target Master complete excellent shape, missing a few decals $70

    Lightspeed no accessories okay shape $3

    Megatron scope parts LMK what you want and make offer, most parts only $2-3 each

    MICROMASTERS complete set is $8 loose extras are $1.50 each unless noted

    Battle Patrol have big shot x 2, flak and sidetrack

    Battle Squad have Meltdown and Halftrack (missing part of front that attacts to other micromaster)

    Countdown lunar rover guy without the radar dish or stickers $4

    Erector just the truck guy x 2

    Flattop just the jet

    Greasepit just the truck

    Off Road Patrol Highjump

    Overload just the truck

    Race Car Patrol have a complete set Extra Tailspin, Swindler, Free Wheeler

    Rescue Patrol Red Hot no ladder


    Mirage complete with two missiles and rifle, front end of car loose, some decals peeling on spoiler, previous owner painted eyes blue to match cartoon (a little off), pretty decent shape overall would rate a c8 or c8+ $40

    Outback complete nice joints $8

    Perceptor complete missile x 3 (but one has the back end broken off), scope with broken blue clip, gun $18

    Pounce no guns, decent joints, lots of decals, some wear $8

    Quickmix no accessories, decals are worn in places, tight joints $6

    Rippersnapper no small gun or large gun(large gun is in the picture but now is in my parts list for trade), missing robot head! Sticker wear, tight joints $1

    Scoop (target master) no accessories, missing some stickers $6

    Seaspray nice $6

    Seawing no accessories good joints decent decals $7

    Skyhopper copter with okay decals, tight and comes with left gun, radar dish, seat, and copter blades (will sell off parts, just LMK what you want) $15

    Silverbolt decent, fairly tight joints, okay decals comes with nothing $5

    Sizzle (sparkabot black car) missing engine and decal $1

    Slapdash #2 no accessories, nice shape, decent decals, tight joints $9

    Soundwave (eyes painted red) loose arms comes with shoulder launcher $6

    Submarauder shell and inner bot, has belt $15

    Swerve nice $8

    Wheeljack junker, loose hood, missing passenger door, but has good arms and head can be used for parts $8


    Baron Von Joy complete, very nice shape $25


    Decepticon minibots mib or loose
    Hosehead complete
    Bludgeon complete
    Target masters: Needlenose just need bot with good tailfin
    Getaway need bot and engine
    Scourge target master need whole thing
    Snarl G2 need green body version with gun and sword
    Action Masters: Bumblebee (need bot), Rad (just bot),
    Pretenders: Bludgeon, Bumblebee (got small gun), Pincher, Skyhammer, Thunderwing, Roadblock, Groundbreaker, Splashdown (got both guns), Starscream, Longtooth, Grimlock


    Anti-Aircraft base (micromaster) need green ramp x 1 and back half of micro plane (Spaceshot)
    Axer need missile
    Banzai-Tron need legs to Razor sharp
    Crossblades need one small gun
    Devastator action master need gun
    Dirge need left fist and gun x 2
    Doubleheader need gun and pistol
    Drillhorn (UK rescue force) need one drill red preferably
    Excavator (micromaster merger) need the back tow hook (mine is broken)
    Finback Pretender need belt

    FORTRESS MAXIMUS NEED: mini laser rifle (got repro), laser

    Grimlock need sword
    Gutcruncher with jet need whole thing
    Hound need one missile
    Iguanus need shell, belt and wheel
    Jackport (action master) need whole thing?
    Landmine (pretender) need belt
    Megatron action master need whole thing
    Megatron G2 (green version) need missile x 3
    Nightbeat need two antennas
    Octopunch need torch gun, helmet and both claws
    Overlord need small radar #2, power master Mega (white and turquiose), ramp #2 robot right side (no peg in middle or bump) and ramp for the base
    Overrun with helicopter just need the two missiles to the copter and new landing skids with good middle with the split peg (mine is cracked and looks to fall apart soon)
    Quake need tank turret
    Rad (action master) need main figure only
    Ramhorn need both GOLD weapons
    Roadbuster need antenna
    Rollout action master need main figure only
    Roughstuff need handle bar thing
    Scorponok need fasttrack guns x 2 (to complete second)
    Snarl need sword
    Skids need long nitrogen gun
    Skyhigh pretender need helmet, gun, belt and rotor to copter
    Skystalker need two gray ramps (the ones with textured lines) and the dual laser connector
    Skywarp need short bombs x 2, need long gun
    Stalker (UK exclusive) need radar dish and brown gun?? ( not the big missile)
    Starscream (action master) need missile x 1, laser cannon
    Stranglehold need bot and yellow pistol
    Tanker Tansport need both micromasters, cannon x 1, cannon mounts x 1, and ramps x 2
    Thrust need one short bomb
    Treadshot with catgut (no gun needed)
    Vroom need robot, both guns and sidecar
    Wheeljack action master need missile x 2, and robot’s right hip/thigh with good black connector to knee

    G2 NEEDS


    Need a lot of tec specs like:
    Rough stuff
    and more give me list if they are in good shape!

    Decoys needed:

    #21 Hoist PENDING

    #50 Frenzy
    #53 Laserbeak
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    bump up lots for sale / trade
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    they need good homes, please help!

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