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    This is what happend after the cameras stopped rolling for the season 1 episode metal attraction on transformers Prime so sit back and enjoy and as always please leave a reveiw
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    Universe: Prime Location: Nemesis Takes place immediatlly after the prime episode Metal Attraction

    "You failed in your original mission Breakdown. But you retreived a fellow con. Good job." Megatron says

    "Go to the Pits." Airachnid growls

    "Feisty as always my little spider. You two head down to the infirmary. K.O. will take care of you when he gets back with Soundwave."

    "Yes sir." Breakdown says

    Breakdown walks away as Airachnid tries to struggle to break free.

    An hour later Knock Out and Soundwave enter the command room.

    "Sorry we're late my lord. We stopped for a break." Knock Out says

    "Break? You got pissed and raced that fleashbag." Soundwave replies

    "He reved his engine. Rules of the road state that I have to race. We are hiding among earthlings."

    "Enough bickering. Did you aquire the artifact." Megatron shouts

    "Sorry Lord Megatron. Yes we aquired the artifact from the research facility. A vehicon is cleaning it now."

    "Good work. Anyother problems."


    "Good. Soundwave. Get some rest and some energon. Knockout you have an interesting couple of patients in med bay." Megatron says

    "I'll feul up and take care of them."

    "Take as much time as you need. I want Airachnid to suffer."

    "Airachnid. Ooh this will be fun."

    30 minutes later Knock Out enters his med bay. He eats a cybertronian sandwich.

    "Where the slag have you been. This annoying banshee is driving me insane." Breakdown shouts

    "Oh like you've been so pleasent." Airachnid groans

    "Aw you both make such an intreguing couple. Maybe I should come back. I'm not fully rested from my mission." K.O. says

    "No man. You have to fix this." Breakdown whines

    "Alright alright. Stop your crying. Let me see what we got."

    Knock Out sets his sandwich on his desk. He runs a scan on the two.

    "Your both magnetically bonded. Polarity gauntlet backfire?"

    "No. The Autobots have it. Bulkhead had that feisty blue femme with him." Breakdown replies

    "Bulk and Arcee. How are our old friends these days by the way?"

    "Good I guess."

    "Great. I have to run some tests first. I could pull you apart but that would be damaging. No tests would be better. Besides. I'm letting Soundwave borrow my laser pen and chainsaw."

    Airachnid's eye twitches. What could Soundwave want with those. Could he really talk even?

    In a spare room Soundwave takes a chainsaw to a computer. Starscream uses a laser pen on the Computer's tower. Starscream starts bashing his fists into the computer. Soundwave pulls him away and takes a sludge hammer to it and starts bashing it with his tentacles. Starscream pulls Soundwave away. Soundwave exhales and takes his mask off. He spits on the computer and walks away as he puts his mask back on. Starscream kicks the computer against a wall and follows Starscream.

    Knock Out runs a few tests on a couple of magnets. He looks some information.

    "Jinkies. I got it." K.O. exclaims and heads to a storage room

    "So Knock Out how was that mission of yours?" Breakdown asks

    "Good. It was an old Quintession relic that the humans had at some human military instilation." K.O. replies

    "You actually got down and dirty?"

    "Soundwave did all the work."

    "How was it working with ole wave?"

    "Fun. Raced a couple meatbags on the way home."

    "You and Wave?"


    "I don't want to know what drug you gave him to loosen him up."

    "A bit of high grade, premium oil and a few additives. Now lets see. Hair drier no. Thats a gun. Oh there's that bad boy."


    Knock Out sets a wire brush on a table and goes back into the storage closet.

    "There you are you little pit spawn." Knock Out grunts as he gets into an uncomfortable position to get his demagnetizer.

    "Ouch. Mother fraggin slaggin son of a pit spawn glitch." Knock Out shouts

    "K.O. you okay." Breakdown asks

    "Yeah. Just trying to give myself a concussion." Knock Out answers

    Knock Out puts his helm on the table. He puts on a pair of goggles.

    "Okay now I need you to stay perfectlly still. This is a demagnetizer. One false move I could magnetize another bit of armour. Personally I should let you stay like that for getting into this predicament." Knock Out taunts

    "Who did you have for a teacher? Ratchet?" Airachnid asks

    "Nope. Ratchet's teacher."

    "Wrench throwing a requirement."

    "Yes." Breakdown replies

    "Funny." K.O. fake laughs

    After a few minutes of painfull positioning, poking and proding, Airachnid and Breakdown are finally seperated. They stretch.

    "Mmmm finally." Airachnid groans and stretches her four spider legs.

    "Here drink this. I don't need you both on low fuel." Knock Out says as he gives both patients a small glass of energon with additives

    "Whats in this stuff?" Airachnid gags


    "All gone doc." Breakdown says

    "Good. Now get out of my Med-bay and report to Megatron or else."

    The two leave. Knock Out sees Megatron come in a few seconds later.

    "My lord. I just sent two Breakdown and that femme to you." Knock Out says

    "I know I saw them. I came for my medication and something for headaches before I got one."

    "You should really relaxe sir. Put Starscream and Soundwave in charge for a while."

    "Are you mad?! With Prime out there I can't relaxe. Not till the last Autobot spark fades in my hand."


    Megatron sees a wrench in the wall an inch from his helm.

    "I said for you to calm down. How can you kill Autobots if your in here dumb aft?!!"

    "Slaggit. Your right. I better take my meds now."

    "That would be best. Primus. I'm youngest on this vessel and yet I act the most mature. Primus just shoot me now."

    Knock Out gives Megatron four tablets and some coolant.

    "What is this stuff?" Megatron asks

    "Coolant for aircraft."

    "Not bad."

    "Good. Now I don't want to see anyone else down here for a while."

    "Your med bay your rules K.O."

    Megatron leaves. Knock Out sighs and lays down on his birth. A half an hour later Breakdown comes in with an injured Airachnid.


    "Tell me this is a nightmare." Knock Out groans

    "No. Megatron had to put Airachnid in her place. Don't blame him though. She did spit acid in his face. Which reminds me. Megatron will be down later to have the burns repaired."

    "No rest for the wicked. All right. I'll get to work."

    Knock Out gets up and once again. Gets to work.

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