Memoir of a Decepticlone

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    Just a little something I thought up while in the car today, based on the 2004 Transformers PS2 game.

    Memoir of a Decepticlone

    Mission Log.
    Rotational Cycle 5, Mission: Decepticlone salvage/extermination.
    Leader: Red Alert

    -On my fifth day back on earth, I have come across a unique find. While rummaging through some decepticlone parts. In one of the Command Unit's cerebral core, there were two components not seen in any other decepticlone to date. The first was a complex logic chip, on par with our own. All other troops had solely basic and rudimentary decision making abilities. This one, however, could think, analyze, and act based on the situation and everything it took in. The second abnormal piece was a memory recorder. No other decepticlone has had the ability to remember anything beyond preprogrammed attack sequences. This Command Unit did remember everything, however. This, coupled with the advanced logic capabilities, peaked my interest. I analyzed the memory recorder, and the following is what I discovered: the entire life of this decepticlone. I have included a copy with this report, and believe it could be utilized for preventive measures, as well as the intellectual advantage.

    I am online.
    Looking around, all I can see is that I am in a single-doored room, with many other units around me.
    After scanning the vicinity, I see that I am the only one online, and that the others are somehow...inferior to me.
    There is a computer terminal on the side, and I check it.
    I am a decepticlone, a group of non-transforming sub-Decepticons who have been amassed in secret to combat the Autobots.
    I am part of a small platoon of Light Units, led by a Medium Unit.
    The log says that my serial number, L-331A, is equipped with advanced neural, logic, and memory circuitry. I find this to be pleasing, as it puts me above even my platoon's leader, in a sense.
    The door to the room opens, and standing there is the Medium Unit, my leader.
    He relays instructions to us via low-wave signals.
    We are to eliminate an Autobot target, categorized: Blurr.
    We head out, the Medium Unit guiding us to the location of the enemy.
    As he appears in visual, he seems to be growing.
    Soon, I realize he is speeding towards us.
    I quickly dodge to the side, but some of the platoon is crushed under him.
    He transforms to robot mode, and proceeds to quickly burst out a few shots at us, downing three more Light Units.
    I dive behind a chunk of metal, from which I attempt to damage Blurr.
    He is extraordinarily quick, however, and dodges all my blasts, then runs behind the Medium Unit and blasts his head off.
    He has made a fatal error with this: he judged by appearance.
    While not as powerful as my recently decapitated leader, I am infinitely more able in such situations.
    I quickly barrage the Autobot's back, which prompts him to turn around.
    One more shot has incapacitated his firing arm, and now he is speeding towards me, most likely to attempt to attack me with his uninjured fist.
    I put an end to his charge by quickly side-stepping, then shoving a blown-off arm from one of the previous Light Units into his chassis.
    He doubles over, sparks flying from the wound, and I quickly dispatch of him with a neatly placed shot in his spark chamber.
    As I look around myself, I realize there are but two other units who are still functioning.
    In place of my leader, I send a message to Starscream that I have finished the mission.
    I also relay a play-back of the entire battle.

    I have re-entered the room I was activated in, but this time no other decepticlones are with me.
    Instead, there is only Starscream.
    He looks smug, and applauds my astounding feats.
    He explains that he modified me to make me as I am, and thinks I deserve a promotion.
    I find this quite suitable and expected, for being a grunt is surely mocking my abilities.
    He puts me in charge of my own platoon, slightly larger than the one I was previous a part of, and upgrades me into a Medium Unit.
    I decide to test out my new body, and instantly begin locating another Autobot.
    The one I find is categorized as 'too difficult for decepticlones to combat'
    His identification is Overload, and he appears to be heavily armed.
    I lead my troops out towards his location, and instantly realize I will not be able to win without casualties.
    Before me rests a large military vehicle, with cannons pointed at me.
    I order a few Light Units to charge at him, which draws his fire.
    I am able to disable the cannons with a few short bursts from my now more powerful blaster.
    In reaction to this, he transforms into a large and menacing robot, more than twice my size.
    He punches at me, but I roll out of the way and his fist collides with a building, sending cracks up and down it, making it extremely unstable.
    I lure him toward the building, and stand directly in front of the largest crack.
    He punches at me again, and I slip around behind him and blast his legs out from under him.
    He stumbles towards the building, and it falls on him.
    I permanently end him with a shot through his head.
    This time when I return, I am left as a Medium Unit, but given special shielding upgrades.
    Also, lesser Medium Units are added to my squad, along with a Spider Tank.

    It has been rotational cycles since the last order, and nothing has happened.
    Megatron is planning.
    Suddenly, I get a signal, telling us that the main army of decepticlones has all but taken Cybertron, and only three Autobots are left alive.
    While this is good news, I am irked that I was unable to be part of this.
    The message also states that I shall not go into the fray, as they wanted to keep my platoon in reserve, in case of an unforeseen eventuality.
    A second message comes a few nanoclicks after the first, and this one is a deployment message.
    Not to the war zone, however, but to an insignificant planet called Earth.
    At first I think I should refuse, but as I read about the mini-cons and their importance, I become eager to leave.

    My platoon is stationed at the Amazon Forest.
    This planet is full of green and brown extrusions, which can be utilized for effective cover.
    Our job is simple: Protect a mini-con panel in some ruins until a deception can come pick it up.
    As we decepticlones are unable to activate the smaller transformers, we can only guard them.
    My platoon has been downgraded, however, to solely Light Units.
    I was told this was to decrease energon use, but I expect something more behind it.
    I receive a message from the scout I sent out, he has been terminated.
    The next termination is some guards for another mini-con, which was seized by an unknown Autobot.
    The same messages come in, with the Autobot coming steadily closer.
    He has been identified as Optimus Prime, the central target.
    While I am contemplating how to destroy him, some missiles bombard our group, destroying a few Light Units.
    I look up, and see Optimus standing on a ridge of the ruins.
    I send the entire platoon after him, and stand behind firing.
    He shoots blasts and occasionally missiles as well, felling many of my troops.
    I realize I can't win without more units, so I call for a Drop Ship.
    It comes in, and deposits more troops.
    Optimus, however, has transformed into a truck and charges through, destroying most of the reinforcements and knocking me over into a piling of rocks.
    He transforms again, and turns to shoot at me, but I have already jumped into the Drop Ship, which is retreating for now.
    I observe him from the air, as he dispatches some Medium Units on the rim of the ruins, then proceeds towards a large amount of moving liquid.
    I see no more, for I fly back to the Decepticon base in the Pacific.
    Instead of reprimand, the data I give them on the fighting tactics of Prime is well received, and I am upgraded once again.
    This time, they have made me into a Command Unit, and I can feel the power surging through my circuits.
    Not only have I been upgraded, but I have been allowed to use cloaking technology as well.

    I have been stationed now in Alaska.
    My new platoon is comprised of Spider Tanks, Heavy Units, and shield-holding Medium Units, along with new Shield Arm Units.
    Few cycles go by before I have word of Autobot activity, this time one known as Red Alert.
    He advances towards my platoon, whom I warn.
    I am stationed on a ridge far above the fray, directing attacks.
    The Autobot is somehow able to evade most of the attacks and makes it into the cave, where I cannot see, and my troops cannot advance, for the caves are too high for them to jump up.
    I track the Autobot until I know he will come out the cave at my position.
    I turn on the cloaking field, and wait.
    The Autobot runs out of the cave, with blasts following him
    He launches a few mines back into the cave, and an explosion makes various limbs fly out.
    He has not noticed me, and I advance on him.
    He is completely unprepared for my attack, and I send him sprawling.
    I see that he is going into stasis lock, and I go in to finish him, but before I can a blue light surrounds him and he teleports away.
    I am baffled at this, but I do not dwell on it.
    I quickly regroup my platoon, and set them up for another attack.
    The same Autobot reappears on my scopes, coming from the same direction.
    What a fool he is, to think that I will let him slip through twice.
    I set up my troops to block off all possible escape into the tunnel, but the Autobot surprises me.
    He has attached one of the mini-cons to his back, and is now moving twice as fast, and my troops can only barely keep up.
    He has dispatched most of my troops, but removes the smaller robot.
    As I view his status, I can tell that this has severely drained his energon reserves, but he still manages to destroy the remaining troops.
    Once again, he advances up the cave area, and comes out where I am poised to attack.
    This time, however, he joins again with the smaller one and I am knocked off the ledge by a missile.
    Lying on the ground, I am badly wounded.
    My legs do not function, but I believe I will survive.
    Starscream steps over me, and drags me away.

    Starscream has repaired me, but he only did so on one condition: I must guard in his ship.
    I agree, if only to prolong my existence, and am given a couple Medium Units to command.

    Eventually, Starscream crashes his ship into the same cliff I had been stationed but a few miles from.
    The Autobot is advancing through the ship, destroying every group he comes in contact with.
    Starscream has placed my group in front of the bridge, to guard him.
    The Autobot runs at us, guns firing, and neatly kills my men, but I manage to fend him off.
    It is the last of the final three Autobots, Hot Shot.
    He is much faster than the other two, so when he joins with his small companion, he becomes much too fast for me, and I realize I am done for.
    He knocks me aside, but does not finish me, however.
    I hear noises from within the bridge, and a large blast shakes the whole ship, and it plunges.
    I am swept up, and I land on the side of a badly damaged Drop Ship.
    I somehow get out of the ship, and make my way to a point where a Drop Ship can pick me up.
    I am taken back to the Pacific Island base, but this time Megatron meets me.
    He says I am to guard the beach of the island, and I once again receive a small number of Medium Units to command.

    Of course, the Autobot makes it to the island.
    This time, it is Optimus Prime again.
    I decide to go all out, and immediately send the Medium Units after him, but he destroys them.
    As he comes for me, I fire off missiles and prepare to fight.
    I am shot multiple times, but I charge at him and knock him down with my blade.
    He is stronger than Red Alert, and gets back up,
    I once again go to charge, but he dodges, and shoots me again.
    Warning lights are flashing in my view, but I disregard them as I try one last time to kill the Autobot.
    I manage to hit him again, but he fires off a tornado, which sweeps me up and blows apart my limbs.
    My vision is failed, and almost all internal systems are either damaged immensely or barely functioning.
    This was my last stand.
    Now, I will go o-

    -The data ends there, as the unit most likely completely shut down then. Optimus, you did good to destroy this decepticlone when you could. He was beyond just a simple menacing grunt.

    Log End
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    Bwoooooo. Sweet. I like it! Especially the last two lines. I doubt Optimus will think the same when he reads it :) 

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