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    Ok Bare with me guys this is goin to be a rough list that i will continue to update while i clean house and get things organized... as i get stuff together i will post it here i will post some stuff that i am looking for but if you want something on the list just PM ...No price has to be definate..... i can promise you if its stuff from house cleaning it will be cheap .. i just want it gone! I know a lot of stuff is grouped in pictures but unless i list it as a SET it can be broken up.



    JVC Grey SE vs CC o-ring HERE
    BlowTorch vs SnowSerpent
    Scarlet Vs SS repaint HERE
    GIJOE Collectors Club Clear Female 12in members fig from 05

    StarWars: MIP

    Ugh Han Solo UGH Boba UGH Vader UGH SnowTrooperHERE
    UGH Grevious UGH Scorch and a Cody HERE
    EU SpaceTrooper HERE
    Ep1 Anakins PodRacer
    EP1 MAul Dueler Fig
    EP1 cinema Pack Mos Eisley Cantina
    POTF Cinema Pack Jabbas Skiff Guards All Pictured HERE
    POTF Cinema Pack Jedi Spirits
    Ep1 Droid Fighter
    Ep1 FullDress Amidala Collectors Dolls 1 & 2 HERE
    SW A New Hope Metal Trading CArd Set HERE and HERE
    Set of Classic Trilogy Watches from 98 $50 HERE
    Xmas With The Droids $20 HERE
    Ep PizzaHut Cup Toppers Set
    Maul, Yoda, Amidala, Anakin Pictured HERE


    BeastWars Lot $25HERE Plus HERE
    BeastMachines Lot $10HERE
    Universe Lot $10 HERE
    Armada Dinobots Lot $30 SOLDHERE
    RID Walmart Laser Cycles $10 HERE
    RID LOT $30 HERE
    TransFormers SCFs Acts HERE$30
    ACT3, ACT5, ACT7 .. The Case with boxes and complete sets of the non-colored versions.
    Armada Blurr

    HeMan:All MIP or MIB

    SnakeMen SkyStrike Stratos
    SnakeMen BattleFist Both Pictured HERE
    GoldHairBand Teela w/ Video HERESOLD
    WhipLash Chase SOLD
    Halloween Skeletor ReDeco
    Gold Chse B/A He-Man All 3 pictured HERE
    Samauri Battle Cat & Samauri Raptor

    SMC SandMan
    SMC Scorpion
    SMC Venom All 3 pictured HERE
    Legends Galactus Series Green Hulk Chase
    Legends Galactus Sereis Gey Grinning Bulls-Eye
    Series 8 Capt America :: Blue Pants :: All 3 pictured HERE
    SERIES 11 Scarlet Witch
    SERIES 11 HulkBuster IronMan SOLD
    SuperHeroShowdown Chase Logan / bone claws
    SuperHeroShowdown Spiderman / Spidey sense
    Marvel Metal Minis HERE
    and HERE
    Marvel Models Wolverine
    Marvel Models GhostRider Both HERE

    McFarlane Toys::

    McFArlane Toys WetWorks Fig Set and YoungBlood Dutch fig HERE
    McFarlane Monsters HunchBack :: Phantom :: Dracula :: WereWolf Playsets ::eek: pen and played with ::
    Metal Gear Solid Clear Stealh Ninja HERE SOLD
    MetalGearSolid Figure Set HERE and HERE
    Manga Spawn Venom
    YoungBlood Crypt All Pictured HERE
    Pilot Spawn
    Wings Of Redemption Spawn
    King of the Forsaken Spawn
    Spawn Deluxe Cape All Pictured HERE
    Austin Powers Fat *******
    Austin Powers Mini-Me Both Pictured HERE


    JLA MorphGear GreenLantern
    JLA CyberTRekkers Martian Manhunter All Pictured HERE
    FinalFantasy VIII Boxed Set
    Final Fantasy VIII Irfit Both PicturedHERE
    ToyBiz Capcom Resident Evil Figure Set HERE
    TEKKEN 3 Jin Kazama
    TEKKEN 3 Hitachi Both Pictured HERE
    SpeedRacer Trixie
    StarTRek TNG Transporter Playset :: open and played with ::
    Snoopy and Garfield SuperSize Pez Dispensers
    DragonBall Z Bandai Japan Originals #00 Super Saiyan Perfect Goku
    #01 Goku
    # Piccalo
    # Vegeta
    WWE Signature Series Stoncold Steve Austin
    WWE Signature Series Undertaker
    WWe WrestleMania 2000 Undertaker and Kane 2-Pack
    WWE Survivor Series Rock All Pictured HERE
    Playmates Simpsons Series 1 Homer


    Grab Bag of bout 60 comics Includes
    KnightFall Story Arc #s 3-15 plus 19 (Banes breaking of Batman and New Batman Outfit)
    Xmen2099 #1
    GhostRider 2099 #1
    Blaze #1
    Bishop #1
    AOA X-Universe #1
    Darker Image # 1
    along with tons of kibble from CyberForce stuff to X-Men stuff
    Pictured HERE

    God theres soo much more .. ill get to it ...

    Heres Some Wants just to put something up. Most of my wants ill take loose as im goin to open them anyways..


    Chases are the only thing i prefer UN-Opened.. most everything else can be loose

    HE-MAN -

    2002 Evil-Lyn
    2002 Orko Chase
    2002 Mekaneck Chase
    2002 Man-E-Faces Chase
    Toyfare Faker
    ToyFare MossMan
    ToyFare Snake Teela
    SDCC Keldor
    SDCC She-Ra

    Vs Snakemen::

    King Hssss PENDING
    General Rattler
    Kobra Kahn PENDING


    Series 2 Namor
    Series 2 DoomBot Chase
    Series 6 Dark Phoenix Chase
    Series 6 Cable Brown Cable Chase
    Series 7 Phasing GhostRider
    Series 7 Phasing Vision
    Series 8 BlackWidow
    Series 8 Black Widow Chase
    Series 8 Storm Chase
    Seires 11 Ionic WonderMan Chase
    Series 11 Logan Chase
    Series 12 Bishop Chase
    Series 12 White Sasquatch Chase
    Series 12 IronFist Chase


    Cybertron Optimus Prime
    Cybertron Galvatron
    CyberTron StarSCream Voyager Size From 2 Pack
    Alternators Optimus Prime
    Takara ReIssues Box #6 Megatron
    Takara ReIssues Box #10 SoundWave
    Takara ReIssues Box #11 Astrotrain
    Takara ReIssues Box #12 Mini-Bots
    Takara ReIssues Box #14 Hound
    Takara ReIssues Box #16 Insecticons
    Takara ReIssues Box #18 SoundBlaster
    Takara ReIssues Box #19 Perceptor
    Takara ReIssues Box #21 Blaster


    UGH Commander Cody
    Any Loose Articulated Storm or CloneTroopers

    GIJOE ::

    82 Clutch
    82 Flash
    82 GrandSlam
    82 Cobra
    82 Cobra Officer
    82 Hawk
    82 Major Bludd
    82 Scarlett
    82 Snake Eyes
    82 Zap
    82 Stalker
    82 Steeler
    83 Airbourne PENDING
    83 Destro
    83 Ace
    83 Hiss Driver
    83 Tripwire PENDING
    83 Grunt
    83 GrandSlam
    83 Viper Pilot
    83 WildBill PENDING
    84 Blowtorch
    84 Baroness
    84 DeepSix
    84 Stinger Driver
    84 Thunder
    85 Airtight
    85 Bazooka
    85 Buzzer PENDING
    85 Dusty
    85 Ripper
    85 Quick Kick
    85 Shipwreck
    85 Crakcase
    85 TollBooth
    85 Crimsion Guards
    85 Eels
    85 TeleVipers
    85 SnowSerpents
    86 Viper
    86 BAT
    86 Motor Viper
    86 Slipstream
    87 Techno Viper
    87 Royal Guard
    87 HardTop
    87 Payload
    88 IronGrenidier
    88 HydroViper
    88 GhostRider
    88 Ferret
    89 Alley Viper
    89 NightViper
    89 ALL Python Patrol Figs
    90 Range Viper
    90 Saw Viper
    90 Night Creeper
    91 Tracker
    91 BAT
    91 Crimsion Guard Immortal
    92 HeadHunter
    93 AlleyViper
    02 BAT
    02 Viper Both Blue and Grey
    02 AlleyViper Both Blue and Red
    03 All BATS
    03 All Python Patrol
    03 All Vipers
    03 All Claws
    04 All Vipers
    04 All BATS
    04 All Claws
    04 Electric Eels
    04 Crimsion Guards
    04 Coils
    05 Crimsion Guard
    05 Cobra Trooper
    05 Snow Serpent
    05 MediViper
    05 RangeViper
    05 Saw Viper

    And i guess thats it for now ...if you see something you want and dont have anything to trade or have something you think id like thats not on the list just PM me.
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    Updated with some more UGH

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