Megatron That Magnicent Illegitimate Hatchling Part 2

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    It seems chasing the Allspark alone was hardly a plan right? And Megatron being Number 2 to the Fallen doesn't fit him right? Nobody commands the Decepticons but him right?

    Thing is Megatron had a Plan. But it all went to The Pit thanks to Luck or Fate.

    It all fits!

    For one thing Megatron knew where the Allspark is going to crash because Sentinel Prime told him as he defected.

    The Ark with its sophisticated sensors knew where it was headed. Megatron went ahead to take it. Or Sentinel arranged its trajectory towards Earth.

    But wait what about the Fallen and Sentinel Prime? The Fallen wanted every bot named Prime dead. Here's the thing Megatron had Sentinel Prime's death faked! The Fallen believed it so much that he taunted Optimus during their fight. "Die like your brother". (nico-nico video subtitle Prime-Fallen fight)

    Megatron wanted to use Sentinel Prime to kill the Fallen. Consolidate his leadership on both factions by killing the Decepticon founder and having support of the Autobot founder.

    They were supposed to rendezvous on Earth but Megatron got iced. Unfortunately the Space Bridge used after the escape malfunctioned brought the Ark at the wrong time or space. Or the Ark was too damaged to make it in time. As Megatron said "Fate waylaid us both"

    With Sentinel in stasis he never got a wake up call and the Ark eventually plowed on the moon.

    Soundwave and Laserbeak, tracking the Ark, who were in the know of Megatron's plan hid a sizable army on the moon keeping it secret from the Fallen and Starscream. This fleet were reported as looking for the Allspark elsewhere in the galaxy. Organized raiding the Ark of the Space Bridge pillars on the Moon and waited for Megatron's return setting up human agents around Earth.

    The Seekers have been trying to look for the Matrix. Its so hush-hush secret the Autobots did not know about it. But Wheelie knows... And he worked for Soundwave.

    Jetfire believe the Fallen was an asshole that abandoned them. What if Soundwave did a little "creative accounting" of his own. These guys are listed off as dead. Hampering their efforts. And having little spies like Wheelie track them down so they wouldn't get in the way of the plan.

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