Megatron(C), Titanium Series

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    Anyone who saw pictures of this could already see problems. The arms look rediculously long, and pose is doesn't help that. There are five points of articulation: shoulders, wrists, and head. Technically the waist is also articulated, but his back prevents movement. Brilliant. It wouldn't have mattered though, the legs have no movement whatsoever so any chance to make him look halfway decent is lost. But hey, thanks to wrist articulation, you can make him hold his crazy wheel gattler gun gangsta style.

    The colors make him look like a clown. Long orange arms reaching down to his purple legs, each with highlights of the other, plus highlights of turqoise. It's hard to look at him as an evil leader. He's more like the Joker. Evil, but the farthest thing from imperial.

    It's a shame really because the detailing is actually pretty good. Lots of little robotic grooves and bumps and whatnot. The shoulders have three little circles outside of a Unicronish pattern. A lot of work went into the sculpting. If they could fix the pose and use Galvatron's colors, he would be pretty badass.

    Oh yeah, and his feet are huge. C.

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