Megatron 35mm frame from 1986 movie

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    For sale is a frame of film from the transformers the animated movie. The pic below is from the scene but not the actual frame. The frame I have for sale comes from about 7 frames before it, same exact image but megatrons mouth is closed (which looks better).

    To be clear: this is a "chopped" single frame from a original 35mm "flat" (1.85:1) print. The condition of the frame is mint (no scratches). This is not a reproduction of any kind.


    I have good feed back over at (hail cobra). My user name there is darthZartan.

    Words fail to state how rare this is. I suspect one of a kind (I believe only one 35mm print exists).

    PM me with your offer. I can't stand to part with it but I must.

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